My Birthday! Amazing Grace and Favor



Today is my birthday! I have just had a party with online friends. You can hang out with sisters in Christ and laugh and eat all the cake you want because it’s just a picture of one. I have also been praying for people in tough situations, I got to rest which is a major big deal in order to maintain the level of faith I strive to walk in.

I had a chat with a friend in Tennessee about fasting. When I did that before, I never could. But Jesus made it easier. I participated in the Rosh Hashanah fast. I hear people talking about a day a week. A friend in Florida is doing one in the New Year, the first 21 days, of January.  I used to pray in my New Year, but fasting may be in there as well.

And it’s only a partial one, but if it brings acceleration to prayer, and is like Isaiah’s to break the yoke. Then I want Jesus yoke, easy and light.  I could not have a better birthday present than my Lord, omnipresent, He is everywhere, sending me ladies to talk to, and laugh with. He directs the ones who need me to pray for them. He’s allowed my blog to go wherever it needs to. And He has it all under control, even if I don’t feel like I do.

Considering my health was crucial five years ago. I am doubly blessed. I have found grace and His rest. So as I turn 55, I can look forward to more blessings and favor and renewed youth and strength to keep on writing, loving and praying.

I don’t need a birthday gift. He gave me all I needed a long time ago when I accepted Him. And now I know that I am a beloved and accepted Daughter of the King, I have found favor with Him. It was undeserved, but He chose to love me, and I, Him.

I have always prayed to be who He would have me to be and to love as He would have me to love, and that is a prayer He is answering day after day. I am quieted by His love, I rejoice with Him in song. He’s love pure and simple, love that took my place. He’s my best friend, and my best gift. My miracle.

I pray for you to have a blessed day, as I celebrate my birthday, and the birth of a renewal of youth. As I am doubly blessed with His grace and favor. I pray you take a moment to stop and think of Jesus and celebrate Him. Rebecca Jones pixabay


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