Walk With the Wise


He or she who walks with the wise grows wise but the companion of fools suffers harm. Proverbs 13:20

There is not a more truthful statement ever. You may not be able to choose your family but you can choose your friends, you can chose what you decide to believe. You can pursue the Prince of Peace. You can decide to be faithful, walk in the Spirit, you can can ask Him for spiritual gifts.

If you choose wrongly and find companions with loose moral character, who are dishonest, who worship false gods or idolize things they should not, you will find yourself in the companions of fools. You can quickly spiral downward on the road to hell, with companions who will feed you drugs and alcohol, encourage promiscuity, violence.

The same is true of people who gossip, who tell lies, who are given to blowing things out of proportion. The devil will magnify sin and shame in the life of the believer and minimize the sacrifice of Jesus. And he’s a pathological liar, he will twist any truth, even add or take from God’s Word. The serpent twisted God’s admonition to Eve. And when tempting Jesus, he was careful to omit the word, beloved. Jesus was called the beloved by God.

And the old devil knew better that to remind him of it. But he didn’t have to. Jesus knew who He was! And He knew who the devil was! He never fell for anything. I wish I could say that were true of me and others. I have always loved Jesus, but I can’t say I trusted in Him like I should. I let fear and worry grip me.

I did not walk with the wise. I walked with the fearful. But they were oppressed by the devil so because they had love and for the most part were not big sinners. It was not wisdom to be afraid when He said not to fear, He knew our fears, He understood because of what He went through as a man.  He delivers from fear, a lot of what happened to me was that I heard so much about it and a lot less about love.

Studying the love of Jesus changed me forever, if you are willing to sow that in your heart. You will indeed walk with the wise. Solomon was wise. A greater one than Solomon was here. Did they listen? Some preferred the law, and rejected the Messiah. Many others were saved and healed.

But it was John who would later write the revelation of Jesus Christ who walked with the wise. And he knew he was loved. John called himself the disciple Jesus loved. We need to walk with Jesus enough to know that we too, are beloved. Stop seeing ourselves as just a sinner saved by grace.

During the holidays, there is a lot of rushing around. Lord, help us to see and believe in miracles again because you are the miracle, the reason for the season and your are the beloved who accepted us. You didn’t have to love us, you just did. I pray you help us to find the ones who are wise to walk with. Help us to walk wisely with you. Rebecca Jones

Crystal Storms


2 thoughts on “Walk With the Wise

  1. ” We need to walk with Jesus enough to know that we too, are beloved.” So true, Rebecca. Thanks for reminding us of this today. He loves us more than we know and is full of mercy and grace. He will enable us to discern and be able to walk with the wise.

    Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at #HeartEncouragement Thursday.


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