Spiritual Eyes


Are you even familiar with this phrase? Seeing with spirit eyes. I heard it recently. When you pray in the Spirit, Jesus will allow you have sort of mental pictures, occasionally, He allows you to see in the spirit realm, that is a gift and not one to be taken lightly. It requires prayer, discipline and discernment. Trust me, you would not really want to see all snakes and scorpions we have to trample on or even foul, unclean or tormenting and evil spirits. He works that way in dreams also.

Discernment is a fantastic spiritual gift. The Spirit will allow you to head off certain attacks, pray things away, recently, a prayer I prayed for myself, I thought, turned out to be for someone else and could have had dire consequences. He didn’t specify the who or what, but the urgency was something  I’d dealt with personally, so I thought it was me. He is not always specific but exact. You will see as you ask for the gifts of the Spirit and learn to walk in them. He will never frighten you but warn you. All fear and pain, evil, trickery, is from the wicked one. And mockery, even from fellow believers, he blinds the minds of them that believe not.

You can be a Christian, a believer, and still not believe in or operate in the gifts of the Spirit. In that respect, he has blinded your mind in a specific area, even a mind that knows Christ.  The Bible also speaks of those who have ears but will not hear. Why? Because if they did see or hear, they would understand and He would heal them. God is so, so merciful. I hear people all the time wanting to argue why people are not healed.

I can quote you the arguments and verses. I did so on post the other day. One lady doesn’t believe He heals everyone. One wonders why He healed unbelievers and not believers One questions sins or sins of the parents. One acknowledges, greater things we would do, but only in the scope of going over the world. He told His disciples to heal the sick and cast out the devil. We are not technically disciples, John was the last.

He made us to sit in heavenly places, accepted us into the beloved, made us kings and priests, and gave us the Holy Spirit to walk in, as much or a little as we desire. The lady writing the blog, doesn’t believe that our words have a lot to do with it, but the Bible clearly states that they do. Even Jesus chose His words wisely and listened to His Father. They also weren’t happy about whether faith heals.

God is not stupid. He knows how little or much faith we have and works with you accordingly. More than that, He is wiser, knows hearts and intentions. He told people their faith made them whole, and it does. It is important, but it takes more than a confession or profession of faith, it is faith, hope and love. It is a mixture, a recipe or formula, if you will. But then, the devil pokes and prods you, you have doubts, doubt can turn to unbelief and unbelief to evil, you’re still saved but you turned your heart away.

One lady had two children with disabilities, she said He may or may not heal them but had a plan for them. He has a plan for them, and He is willing to heal if only she could believe. Somehow, we can all look into our hearts and believe. Hopefully, that faith won’t be little or short lived. God is not the author of confusion but of peace and focus on Jesus is the answer, we don’t want to ever lose sight of the healer and His sacrifice or a firm belief in Isaiah 53. Too many are critical of those in faith, those in faith are sometimes condescending, and can’t see why some cannot believe, I can. Somehow, we disqualify ourselves from healing, or let others.

We don’t even understand why we don’t get healed. I will tell you that I got healed. And the devil will try to take it. The Lord is gentle, holy, quiet and still. The devil is subtle and sneaky, in attempt to copy that. You need discernment! Jesus forgave sin and healed at the  same time. He healed unbelievers to show the religious. He could do no mightyworks because of unbelief. He did heal all who asked. Yes, the enemy will come after your health.

You are worthy. He died to make you worthy. You are the righteousness of God. He died to make you so. Don’t believe the lies of unbelievers or even fellow Christians, He is not punishing you, He took that for you.  He is not teaching you a lesson, the Holy Spirit is your teacher. The devil will hurt you if you give him authourity, the Lord never will, even if you come under His power, the baptism of the Holy Spirit or what is known as slain in the Spirit. Some don’t care for the term, slain, it is because John says I fell as dead. He simply overpowers or overtakes you as the case may be. And that is protecting you.

I used to lay hands on the television, try to jump up and down. I ran my self ragged under enemy attack. But you don’t have to be that frenetic, frenzied or chaotic. There is much more power in still, calm, peaceful worship. Then you will find you are more active and energetic. He will sort of hold onto you, He kept me in rest and I did very little for a while and He will now stop me from overdoing. I really want to see you healed. I love Him so much. And I love you enough to be truthful, you have to hold on. He is the healer.

He is the Healer, the devil can’t stop your miracle. His name is Jesus. He took our place. So don’t worry, just believe and let the Holy Spirit acquaint you with Isaiah 53’s Jesus, the one who took everything to give us everything. Let’s agree to disagree, and be kinder. Remember, Jesus looked at them and loved them. He had spiritual eyes. Rebecca Jones / free range stock


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