A Woman of Wisdom


Becoming a woman of wisdom does not come with age. It is not automatic, I have seen silly older women and I read the blog of a college student that is loaded with wisdom I find helpful as I turn 55 this weekend. I will not despise youth, if God or His gifts or wisdom is in it. Besides, He renews my youth.

Growing older does not make you wise, older women can made bad decisions, lean on the feelings and not faith. They doubt, they become double minded. They too, need to renew their minds in Christ. I did the month of rest articles, I usually do something that is inspired or something I’m studying about. But as we start getting into December and the start of Advent, I decided to put in some articles on wisdom.

So amid the post of topics such as gifts of the Spirit, the Advent names of Christ. And hopefully, the posts of the beauty of salvation and the sweetness of the baby Jesus’ birth, and the sweeter story of His sacrifice, I will mix in a few  days of wisdom topics.

Wisdom is portrayed as a woman in Proverbs 4. Wisdom is the principle thing. the most important thing. The wisdom is calling out to everyone in the street, calling to anyone who will hear her. Now, of course there are wise men, sages. And God has the qualities and personalities of both men and women, yet He is definitely, male. He is Abba, Father.

Knowledge speaks while wisdom listens, wisdom knows when to speak and when to be silent. Arguing rarely settles anything, then tends to worsen a problem. If someone wants to argue they will often mask the real issue in a small, insignificant problem. If you can’t draw someone out, spouse or child or someone you need to minister to or counsel, if you know they won’t be forthcoming, you may be able to pick up on a deeper emotion, or jealousy or fear. The Holy Spirit know everything and will clue you in.

I hear people all the time say that no one is perfect. I hear that in a tone of implying that I’m ” a know it all. ” I don’t!  But I know who does. And He is always right. The Holy Spirit is a gift, He is the Spirit of Wisdom, and this season we should seek Jesus, the wise men followed a star to Bethlehem having great wisdom, being educated and astronomers. Wise men still seek Him, wise women will too. Rebecca Jones / pickup image


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