Proclaim The Name


Do you ever pray those quick prayers, and add Jesus name? Yes, me too. On a couple of occasions the prayers were pretty important and were answered. There was a delay but now I understand what happened to me. Don’t let it happen to you.

Angels came as soon as Daniel prayed. But there was a spiritual battle going on. Three weeks later the angel came, perhaps an archangel or even Jesus, I’d have to double check. With a new and better covenant in place, we have access to the throne.

It’s shouldn’t take long to get prayers answered. The devil will try to thwart those answers or plans or put himself into the path of the answer. And he is the discourage, tormentor, it’s not his job, he’s not on God’s payroll. And He has even lost his access to heaven where he stood and accused Job. He can’t get past that blood. But he can annoy, delay, pester and even deceive.

I once had a job that I wanted very badly. When I never heard from the production company, I thought God must not want me in Los Angeles. I was wrong, I lived in Atlanta, there’s a lot of crime going on there as well. Later, in prayer I realized He answered that and so much more.

Doubt and unbelief are thieves, I’m sure I knew God was my protection, I believed in angels but I still believed a lie, when I should have just hung on in prayer. Surround yourself  with believers, and not those prone to jealousy. God can bless everyone. I once had someone tell me she was jealous because I wasn’t working. I was babysitting! I know that’s work. My so called real jobs never panned out. I was applying at retail stores at the mall, even trying to get hired for the holidays. I applied at a bank, a jewelry store.

I was always back in daycare, trying to write, getting rejected. A vicious cycle. But God’s promises are yes and amen. I had people tell me He said no. I think He said wait, I’ve got even better and I will restore the wasted years. Now, I’m sure of it.

Remember, His name isn’t a magic word. Though abracadabra has Hebraic roots, I speak, therefore I create. No, it’s more than that, it is above all names, whatever they may be sickness, pain, poverty. Remember, your putting your trust that everything you ask for in His name He will do, not because we are good but because He is. Rebecca Jones


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