Soul Well


We have all heard the phrase well with my soul, but are our souls well? Are they bringing up pure and clear, cool living waters? Or are our buckets leaky? Squeaky or creaky as the come winding up? Are they full of dirt, dank  or stagnated. Would someone leave as parched as they came if they came to drink from your well?

A few days ago, I heard about some of the neighbors in my old Atlanta block having found a sink hole under their house. I suppose they were looking at a heating unit. As it turns out, it was an old well. And it could have been forty or more feet. Many houses on that block had them. The houses were built, I’d say in the 20’s 0r 30’s. In about 1915 or so there were still lots of dirt roads.

We are also right in the middle of where a battle occurred during the Civil War. I never found any artifacts or anything. But I read a lot of history, there was a little girl who kept a diary, in the 1860’s. She lived four streets away. So did deep enough, you may find lots of things, relics. Remains, I don’t know.

The people who moved in later filled them in. Probably to keep the little ones from falling in or breaking a leg themselves if the ventured out. In the Bible, Jacob’s wells were filled by enemies. They we redug. Jesus is sitting on it talking with the woman at the well. Some people have taken to calling her Sam, short for Samaritan. I like Zoe, for her water came to life and that is the meaning. He went out of His way to find her. Well, He knew where she was. She was lost. Much like we are.

Even the best of us can get lost, not unsaved but lost along the way, like a sheep wandering off. It take the Lord to guide us, he will go out of His way for us, to find us, fill us up, be fore we go out of our minds of Christ. He loves us so much. He is living water. Even if our wells are deep. His well is deeper still. Even if we are filled, He can overflow us.

Are our souls well? Or like the wells left by our ancestors filled in, dank, stagnated, or even God forbid snaky? Be careful what you put in your mind, will and emotions. For that is what makes up your soul. Be careful what you think and read and see. Be careful that you want more than anything to walk worthy of your gift and calling. Be careful not to let your emotions get the better or you. I have had to deal with self control. Something I wanted to do, a maternal sort of impulse was wrong. And other times, I’ve struggled with my own self control in teaching discipline. I am working on walking away from things that are not my assignment. I felt such a tugging throughout my spirit one day, and the Holy Spirit when asked by me, put the phrase ” digging up the well of Jacob ” into my head.

I know my well was full after years of pain and struggle, heartache, backache, you name it. Surely, people had thrown rocks, concrete blocks, sticks, glass, garbage and what not over the years. Your living water is deep in your belly, sometimes, I feel it coming up, a little below the navel. Speaking in tongues bubbles it up. So go ahead, if your parched or dry, let Jesus redig your well and drink the living water, and never thirst again. Rebecca Jones / Cole Patrick Unsplash


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