Give Thanks To The Lord


Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. Make known His name among the people. The Israelites sang before they went into battle. The enemy didn’t stand a chance. It’s good to thank Him, I thank Him everyday, all the time. Unfortunately, I guess I still have my moments of anxiety and anger. I’ve really been dealing with anger, I am so mad at the devil, I could spit fire on him if I could. Maybe, I can when pick up that sword of the spirit.

Ever since I heard about being mad at the devil, it’s like there he is still hurting and oppressing my family and I can’t get them to see it. Sometimes, it’s even like I’m the bad guy. But I am thankful nevertheless because I am alive thanks to Jesus. I came way to close for comfort, and yes, a warning dream saved me. I’m not sure anyone gets that.

But it is true, while I don’t discount near death experiences, I don’t necessarily accept them as gospel either. I have a blessed and thankful heart. It beats strong in the Lord and with the precious love of Jesus.

It is the home of my beloved and He is forever welcome there. It is a secret place of prayer worship and praise. I sing His praises. My mouth may not always be in the right place but my heart is. I am truly blessed and thankful.

Even if this turns out to be one of the Thanksgivings where I’m at the back of the line again. I won’t worry about it, because He that is in me is greater than He that is in the world. I may not always be salt and light, but I’m not a pillar of salt and I won’t look back. I look ahead to good days, blessed coming and going and with a full kneading bowl, multiplied loaves of bread, I will be the head and not the tail, lend and not borrow.

For the Lord is my maker, my Abba, provider, protector,and peace. I just want some joy for mourning and beauty for ashes. I’ll wear a garment of praise for Thanksgiving, and give thanks to the Lord for He is good. Rebecca Jones / public domain


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