When It All Closes In



I didn’t expect much traffic as they call it, with people preparing for Thanksgiving so I went ahead and posted a couple of things I’d written already. But today, this title that I had not finished, just spoke to me. I was cleaning and getting ready for Thursday’s dinner. There is already a commotion in the house.

I don’t mind active or even energetic but outrageous, would describe the volume of noise. I like for people to know that there is peace in Jesus. He is the calm in the storm and I must keep it in spite of what goes on around me. So, If you’re a husband with a nagging wife, let Jesus be your patience. Ask Him to be. If you’re a wife with an obnoxious, overbearing husband, Jesus is your patience as well. ( Never stay in an abusive and dangerous place. )

If you are ready to snatch you hair out with unruly children or gone wild teens, turn them over to Jesus. Ask Him to discipline them and thank Him for doing it.  The word of God is quick and razor sharp, use it. Never argue with the devil or against a person who’s on the wrong side of the argument. Arguing with a child make us look childish. And with a fool, makes us foolish. I’m planning to reread Proverbs myself as this has come up with me time and time again. I am not judging. I don’t like arguing about God’s Word and I’m not going to, but I also don’t like the railing or false accusations, or judgement that I’m always wrong.

People do stupid things. The prophet Jeremiah said that all men are stupid, and he spoke for God. God even said that all men are liars. So in these days, it is important to know Jesus and listen for His leading, listen to the Holy Spirit and discern and try spirits.

Between work, school, and keeping house, trying to serve the Lord and being kind to those who usually are not in return and planning dinners for people who really don’t care or even those who do, it can be a hassle, along with shopping for people who return things or fighting crowds. You can really get worked up.

I have given up so many things trying to people please. Now I want to God please. He is the rewarder of my faith. He’s seen everything and knows hearts better than I. When it all starts to close in and you feel trapped in an MRI, look to Jesus. ( Doesn’t that mean Magnetic Resonance Imager or something? )

I was praying today. Jesus, thank you, You are my peace. You are my joy. You are the lifter of my head. You are my patience. You’re my strength and my shield. Your eye is on this child and you grace abounds to me. I’ve been so tired, I studied rest, I received rest. I hope to remain in His I have to trust in Him, when the enemy lurks about like a roaring lion. Jesus is the Lion of Judah. He’s a King who doesn’t have to roar. But He can if He needs to. I think I may have to as Him to. So like a shofar, Lord, roar when the enemies come after your sheep.

I pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if it’s all closing in. Just call on Jesus. Rebecca Jones / stock photo


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