He Completes Me


How does Jesus complete us? Ideally, the relationship should be as husband and wife. Loving, intimate and one. Jesus said that He and the Father were one, because the Holy Spirit was in Him. If both the husband and wife are believers with the Holy Spirit, they are also one, like I said,  that’s how it should be. But for everyone that is no so, it is something to aspire to.

Like a masterpiece or a fine painting, we are God’s workmanship. He perfects us, completes us. But we must let Him or allow Him to add brush strokes, frame our canvas. We must go through the flame to become as fine gold, silver, or a delicate piece of china or sculpture. We have to be molded, pounded, spun on a wheel in the potter’s hands we become chosen vessels, vessels of honor.

If we are stone, He chips away at our exterior. There are marble quarries here in Georgia. Our state capitol has lots of marble. All of it had to be crafted, cut from the quarry, chiseled into stairs, floors, statues or whatever it was asked to be.

If we are diamonds we have been pressed hard over a period of time, and will not break. We are cut to precision by the Master craftsman, pure flawless, sparkling. Well rounded and multi faceted, we are exquisite. And we come in pink and chocolate.

If we are are flowers, we blossom like the rose.  If we are birds, we are doves of peace but soar like eagles. If we are poems, our words praise His holy name. If we are books we tell thelove stories that He writes on hearts. If we are ships we sail upon the wind of His Spirit.

If we are seasons, we change colors. We blend, we bend but never break. We are crisp, autumn days and winters white as snow, the breath of spring and the joy of summer. We are all celebrating, everyday is a holiday because the Lord has made it and we will be glad in it.

If we are a pray, we whisper His name. If we are musical instruments we are melodious. If we are are a song, He sings with us. And dances with delight. How does He complete us? He already has, by sending His Son, now we must find our new butterfly life in Him, hidden. A secret He will reveal to each of us in His time. And He has made all things beautiful, and He completes us. Rebecca Jones


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