Worthy of Our Praise


Next week is Thanksgiving, if you are like me you, have a lot to be thankful for. I have overcome so much by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. I know He has quieted me time after time this past year with His love. He has had me to learn of and teach about His rest.

Women are so dear to Christ, as believers, they are the bride and the beloved. Our Lord is so precious we don’t know how much so. We would have to be witness to His sacrifice and experience all He went through to save us.

As we begin to count our blessings, let’s start with Jesus. And move on with family and friends, church, pastors and teachers who bless us with His Word. We can be thankful for homes, and homeless people we are able to give a good meal to. For the less fortunate who are blessed by our abundance. And He is the God of more than enough that we may be generous during the holidays and all year long. Should you give a fruit basket, add a note about the fruit of the Spirit. He gives us that fruit, and asks us to bear more fruit. It is through His love, joy, and peace, that we share the fruit of His abundant love.

While we enjoy our feast, and I’m looking forward to it, after fasting. Let’s remember to feast on the fresh manna, the bread of life, the living Word. Let’s invite Jesus to Thanksgiving dinner and rejoice and fellowship with Him. And let’s fast a little football or something, ladies, even a little shopping. He’s done more for us on His Black Friday, ( or possibly Thursday, three days and nights, 12 hrs each, Sunday being the first day of the week.) than any mall or sports team. ( or possibly Thursday, three days and nights, 12 hrs each, Sunday being the first day of the week.)

I may post more on Thanksgiving, but thanksgiving and praise go together, it puts to flight the enemy and wins spiritual battles. So whatever we are going through,, and if holidays start to defeat or depress you. Give Him a shout of praise and stir the gift in you. Even if you don’t have a family, there is a family that needs you. Give more than food, money or gifts. Give the gift of the Fruit of the Spirit. Thanksgiving never went the way I planned, but this year, I’ve got it conquered. For I am so thankful for my healing and I am so richly blessed. He is worthy of, and I give Him my praise. Rebecca Jones



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