When Your Not Able


When you not able to do something, rest assured. He is! He is more than able to handle anything that comes your way, be it illness or ill winds. He will not abandon us. He will not refuse our cry for help. If we have done something out of His will or disobedience, He is faithful and forgiving. He lifts our heads, He restores our soul.

Our days are filled with hard choices, I know. I make them everyday. Whether to even get up became a choice when I was so ill in 2012. I made the choice to fight. And I won, because Jesus went to bat for me. If I try to fix things, I mess it up. I give up. If I rest, He will fix it.

But He never gave up on me and I’ll never give up one Him. Some of the hardest decisions we make are when to quit, when to give up. I could have given up on believing He was the Healer. I would have died. Maybe, I wanted to because I was in such pain, physical, mental and emotional, but I knew there was still hope, the faith, hope and love that God planted in me even as a child, a dreamer. I saw a beautiful life. I tried to make it for myself, I was not able, and wore myself totally out. I don’t think I can stop trying to make my life beautiful, it’s just not in me. I’ve shared too many private moments with the Lord, I looked into the eyes of love and I wish I had never looked back, but I did. I can’t do it again.

But He is able, He can perform the miracles I imagine. The small ones, the large. He restored my soul and it is even stronger than ever. I am determined this time to let Him be Lord, He knows what I need and when, He knows who. As I writer, I tried to put  out the beautiful words He gave me.

I wanted to write a series of novels, I’ve got some in the works. Novels just haven’t come for me yet. I am more at home in my poetic forte’. I’ve been rejected by lots of people, even a greeting card company. Oh, He answered my prayer to be a writer, but the enemy went into overdrive to hinder it. He is able though to make things new, to make them beautiful, a sweet smelling bouquet. In His time.

I was told to set goals. I did. My expectations and health fell by the wayside. I had a plan, He had a purpose, and there is a time for every one under heaven. We need to be able to let go, but not of dreams, of love or life, but the snares and weights and weariness of soul and turn to His rest. That alone is my peace.

I want to do for others what it appears no one did for me. So I pray for you today to be able to make the decisions you need to, not based on what you think or know but on what He is able to do or accomplish for you and through you. Live the life you dream of if it the dream He placed in you, I pray in Jesus name for it to come to fruition. There are so many who would burst our bubbles, enjoy watching us fail, I never knew people could be so cruel, even in the body of Christ, but they are. People are so easily consumed with jealousy, envy and hate. I pray for the Lord to open the doors we need to open and close the doors of injustice against our gifts and callings.

God bless you today as you read. Don’t lose hope. He is the sweet bouquet of our lives, fragrant with love of God. And He is able, more than able, even if I’m not. Rebecca Jones / Petr Ovralav Unsplash  thank you.


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