Jesus, My BFF



Jesus, you are my best friend. I wish I’d only known how much of a friend. I used to hear ” What a Friend we Have in Jesus ” and I never knew anything but that I was saved and not going to hell. Some of the churches I attended and some of the people I knew made me even question and doubt that. Nothing ever worked right but I was always trying.  Ding, ding, ding.! I was trying! Jesus already had a plan and a purpose for my life long before I was born.

I got saved early on at eleven, I had a hunger and a heart for Jesus. I was worried about it though, I was afraid of Him.  There was a painting in the chapel of my school. I was sort of a blue gray. It was Jesus and it was ominous. I literally sobbed when I heard He was crucified for me. He poured in the love and respect for His sacrifice, yet there was fear, and that was my enemy.

Jesus is my friend, my best friend. Forget any woman, even husband. Even if you have a best friend, Jesus is better. If you adore the husband He gave you, He tops that. And even your mother, I have to put Him ahead of her. too. I used to trust her faith, her opinion, just as I did a lot of spiritual mentors. I can’t do that anymore, who knows me even better than my mother? Jesus does! He knows me better than me.

I feel so stupid sometimes, when I look back at missed opportunities, wasted time. I worried over everything, I heard a description of little bugs eating away at a 400 year old oak, I believe it was, nothing destroyed it until then. God is a Spirit, the devil a fallen angel, guess who’s the loser? God sent me a best friend, Jesus. If you could see all that goes on in the spiritual realm, you would be crazy. But God is in control.

He will allow you glimpses, dreams, visions, praying in the spirit and gifts. Discernment is one that is greatly desirable. The devil will trick you, he’s a liar. Sure, I’d heard about charismatics. But I didn’t get it. I was afraid of speaking in tongues. Even when I was baptized in the Spirit, I still had so many physical and spiritual attacks. But I didn’t understand all the gifts or especially, the gifts I’d been given.

I was still afraid of the power but not the love. I had to reconcile the two. It took a while, too long in my opinion for me to get it but He wasn’t angry. My best friend is never angry with me. He’s always pleased with me. He prays for me. He cried for me. He was always trying to help me, and often the enemy or someone else and their opinion was getting in the way.

Whatever you read here, check it out. Read it in the Word. Pray about it. Ask Jesus. I never want to confuse anyone like I was. Seek the Lord daily, I plead with you to let Him love you to be the first name you call on. He has been so good to me, so, so, good. I will always know what to do, now. Your words are very important but I so annoyed people walking around confessing healing and binding the devil.

He has been so good to me, I can’t even tell you. Words don’t describe it. I can’t even do His love justice by describing it. And He gave the gift of writing, may He can help me the pen the indescribable.

I can’t even imagine this love and I experience it. I see your beauty, Lord, your perfection. Your my star, my hero, by best friend. You saved me when no one else could or would. Salvation is more than fire insurance, it’s health insurance, protection, prosperity and peace.  You’re my gold, my silver, my diamonds and pearls. And I’m crowned with your beauty for ashes, you’re my Prince Charming, you’re my everything. The love in me is stronger than fear because your love is stronger than fear.

And you think I’m worth it and far above rubies….bless your holy name. Jesus the sweetest name I know, and the song, I will not forfeit my peace. It is a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer. What a friend I have in Jesus.

Rebecca Jones  / pixabay

Abba, Father, I pray that the Prince of Peace Himself, begins to pour His love upon us, so that we magnify His name and give Him glory and push back the kingdom of darkness. I pray fear turns on itself. In Jesus name. Amen.


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