What Is A Woman’s Worth?


A woman is worth her weight in gold and more, especially, if she is a believer. She is far above rubies, a crown to her husband. And that is what you already are. Not something you have to strive to be, but someone you were created as. The trouble is that we don’t see ourselves as worthy, good enough.  We forever comparing ourselves to someone else, our lives to theirs, our husbands or children. You don’t know if her grass is greener. She may think yours is. We all have weeds.

Your house may be clean, and hers looks like a cyclone hit it. But she may be happy and you’re stressed because everything isn’t ironed or folded just so. I’ve been there. I still like a clean house, but there are these things called people and they make messes, the male ones of the species and the little ones are walking laundry bags and garbage collectors.

If a housewife were paid, even the going rate of $19 an hr. for cleaning as some services advertise, she have at least $400 a week, not to mention, cooking, limousine or taxi service, dog walker, babysitter, decorator, financial assistant, etc.  Women would easily pull in six figures, paid for what they do. And you know what? It’s not always worth it. Seriously though, it is, if you love your family. And love doesn’t keep score. Thank God, Jesus doesn’t, He paid more for us and we weren’t worth it, but He thought so.

So you are worth many sparrows, worthy of His calling and gifts. He sees how valued you are even if you do not. If others take you for granted, He never will. So don’t treat the Lord that way either by taking Him for granted or calling on Him only in a crisis. If you only pray when you are in trouble, you are in trouble now.

Appreciate Him. Value His sacrifice. Rest in His love and He will give you a unique way of seeing yourself differently, a sparkle, a special glow. You are His child, His beloved, a daughter of the King, rest, don’t strive. Don’t put so much pressure on your soul, it is sensitive, if you give Him and the Holy Spirit room. A woman’s worth, I can’t imagine, but He can, I never would have thought He thought so highly of me, either, but He does. So open the special gift inside you. It’s not arrogant or rude, or self help or self esteem, it’s believing what God says, you can shine without showing off.

And He has made me shine, glorified my words, and seated me in a heavenly place. All because the Prince of Peace deigned me worthy. Rebecca Jones / Photos Pete Bellis Unsplash, thanks, great work.



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