Crime and Punishment


So many of us have prayed, and it appears that our prayers are frozen. I had a dream that I had so much fruit but it was all frozen. It sounds like someone with frozen assets, you’ve got money or stocks or bonds or whatever.

So many Christians think that God punishes them, is out to get them. Like Zeus, He’s up there throwing lightning bolts. They’re believing a lie of the enemy. There is nothing farther from the truth. He loved us enough to give us His Son. Why would He want to hurt us?

If some of our prayers are stuck, it is because there is spiritual warfare going on. The enemy is spouting lies to our minds and hearts. God is just and He is faithful. And He desires to lavish us with love and spiritual gifts. We are forgiven, beloved. The punishment must fit the crime, in Isaiah 53, we read of the Lord’s suffering. He was punished for our peace.

As a believer we are forgiven, a true believer is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and doesn’t want to sin, is quickly repentant. Many people claim to know Jesus, but He said you would know them by their fruit. God is in the midst of darkness, if you call to Him, and there is no darkness in Him. He is the one who can see all and know all thoughts and intents of the heart. Everyone trying to help, may not be. Some people have ulterior motives. And maybe, some aren’t as bad as we thought, some worse. I have had that one happen.

God is our judge, I have been told not judge, but we are to judge righteously. The punishment fits the crime. Jesus paid more than enough for us all, yet, He knew no sin. His punishment fit every crime ever and more, and still people ignore His love and forgiveness and still choose to walk in sin.

My crime, must have being naive, wanting to believe that believers would want to hear about love and healing instead of disagreeing with me, that I believed a made up religion or was into something wrong.

Call me crazy, but if I were Jesus, and I’d have a long way to go. I’d expect respect, demand attention, and call you on the carpet for insulting His name. If you are believer walking in His gifts, you probably have had correction. I have and I know He loves me. He is not tossing lightning bolts, making me sick to teach me a lesson. He wasn’t the one trying to break my neck in near falls from a spiral staircase and escalator. No, that’s the enemy, he would love nothing better keeping you from God’s Master Plan for you. And then there’s the sneaky plans, you want to help someone, you think you’re doing well and then he rears his ugly head in them and they would Judas you in a heartbeat.

Punishment that brought us peace? I was always worried about what I might be doing wrong. I had no peace until the Prince of Peace showed me how to have it. Sure, I think people should get the death penalty, and the old God have mercy on your soul speech. I think there are people who should be locked up forever. And I think those truly repentant will be shown mercy.

But there are poor souls, religious, self righteous, suffering something they should not. I know because I was one. I judged. I thought of  sin in terms of scale. And that’s not entirely wrong. For instance, you can have a child out of wedlock, live with someone, sin. But you become born again, get married. Your forgiven, but you still have a husband and child as a consequence of your actions. God, I believe respects that, sees it better than abortion. And as bad as that is, He receives a baby, and that is better than the child being abused. Yet, there is abuse. I don’t have all the answers but I think deep thoughts. And I know who odes have the answers. But I know who is just, who is fair. Who is righteous! And He is my righteousness, the only way I could be. I’ve made bad decisions, who hasn’t?

His love covers a multitude of sins, and His shed blood covers a believer. Jesus, Himself said the greater sin was upon those who delivered Him to be crucified. He is the God who sees. What we’ve done. What has been done to us. I pray He reverses the unjust attacks on us, the devil always accuses. Don’t listen to His lies, pay attention to the words of others and look at their fruit. All it takes is one bad apple. Learn to discern.

We may have to live with some consequences but never condemnation. Jesus will not condemn what He died for and forgave , if you are a believer. I sat with more guilt on me than those in prison for a crime, I was ashamed, though I was innocent. I wasn’t a really big sinner. But the enemy wanted my focus off the resurrected Jesus and power and authority over him. I’m always amazed that there are those who show no remorse, maintain their innocence in the face of guilt, who can on and off emotions, and cry crocodile tears and have people believing them. They have no  knowledge of His great love or have rejected it.

How dare he accuse me! The beloved, righteous daughter of Christ, who only wanted people to know His love and mercy and healing! Get behind me devil, get lost. He paid for my crimes, He was punished for my peace, and He thaws the frozen fruit and restores broken dreams. I pray He does for you as well, if you read this and see His love, you’re a piece of my fruit. I hope this blog bears a lot. God bless you! Rebecca Jones / Tony Ross Unsplash, thanks.



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