Walking In His Steps / Isaiah 53


He was pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities, the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him, and by His wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5

Having my ears pierced hurt like blazes, imagine a Roman spear plunged through your broken heart after writhing in pain and agony, suffocating on a cross, your back bloody from beatings. What is a transgression? A violation of law, command or duty.

He was pierced because we could not keep the law, the ten commandments or fulfill all the duties. He replaced the innocent offering. He died once, covering forever, all who believe. No more sacrifices, He fulfilled the law and prophets. His new commandment is love one another. The song, the First Noel, puts it like this. ” His law is love and His gospel is peace. And in His name all oppression will cease.”

He was crushed for our iniquities, crushed is pretty easy. Think of a steamroller, and the pavement it rolls over. What about the proverbial millstone? It grinds meal, flour, and presses oil. Indeed, He was crushed, the very Spirit out of Him, but He didn’t die, until He gave up the ghost. No man could have ever taken His life. So, what is an iniquity?

Immoral conduct or harmful practices. Bad, wicked, evil, heinous, deviltry, abomination. There is a list, a long list. The punishment that brought us peace was upon Him. I have a picture of the crown of thorns with the word peace having the a replaced by a drop of blood.  That crown was for mental peace. It is where we fight the most battles, in the mind. Punishment?

Suffering loss, hardship, as a result of a crime or offense. Jesus committed no crime, no offense. We did. Another word used is vengeance. We know that God says He will repay vengeance, that we should not. He is so much wiser and just. He knows thoughts, intents and hearts.

For the first time God looks away from Jesus, no longer is He, Father. But now, He is, ” My God, My God. Why has thou forsaken me? ” He took our place, pure and simple. The veil of the temple was rent into, so was the one in heaven. Once again, through Jesus, we have access to the throne.

We could never have borne our punishment, we could not have taken the beating. Jesus was punished in our stead. God is not punishing His children, He is correcting them. He is disciplining them. The rod of correction, is His Word, He is the Good Shepherd. He guides with His rod. The rod for the fool’s back is another thing. I have seen people and even children, that all they appear to understand is a loud tone or a spanking.

God wants happy children, if a smack on the bottom or a raised tone is what it takes to remind them to be good. He won’t disapprove, but violence, abuse, He will not tolerate. He prefers wisdom, correction and peace. He would rather us be rejoicing in praise. Sharing His Word, walking in love, His new commandment and preaching a gospel of peace.

Finally, by His wounds, we are healed. It is not stripes, though lashes would leave them. A Roman cat of nine tails may have been embedded with glass, metal, maybe, even rock. If you doubt the Romans were a cruel lot. Read your ancient history. They perfected crucifixion.

I do not approve of using a belt on a child, it was not a belt. It was not a cane. It would have torn flesh from the muscle, cut to the bone. Stripes? No! He was not even recognizable as man. Wounds!!!  Wounds heal ours. They are deeper than any disease, His name is above all names.

And we must not forget, the Garden of Gethsemane, the mental anguish, the scourging, the cross, the crown, the nails, through the wrists, the palms would not hold a man’s weight, it would have ripped. The gasping, thirst, the suffocation, the taunting of people and demons and the devil himself and every torment of hell, every sin, sickness or disease all dump on Him in punishment. God was satisfied with the sacrifice, we have hope.

Now, we can be crucified with Him, walk in His steps, be raised to sit in heavenly places. And He was our lamb, our perfect sacrifice. He’s not looking to punish, He wants to heal and forgive. And He alone is worthy, and He is our peace. Thank you Jesus. Rebecca Jones / photo, Sladjana Karvounis, lovely.


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