Who Are You In Christ?

Who are we in Christ? New creatures? Righteousness of God, kings and priests? All of the above. If we as believers knew the Lord’s provisions for us we would be amazed. We go on through life many times with blinders. Indeed. The devil has blinded the minds of those who believe not.

And believe it or not, that can even be believers. You can believe in being saved but not gifts of the Spirit. You can believe in healing,  but not creative miracles. You can believe the Bible but only King James. He did not write the Bible. I have learned from all versions, yes, some are different, but it is our assignment to study and read and rightly divide with the help of the Holy Spirit. I never want to argue with people, I have fallen into that trap many times, and I just refuse to do it. I stay quiet. I had too, because a person who served in a church insisted God allows it.

I know He does, but we have an alternative. We can pray for divine intervention. He has angels standing by. Many people get mad that Jesus healed all who were oppressed of the devil. Acts 10:38. The word is oppressed of the devil. Not possessed. I know some who don’t believe the devil can touch believers, yet, they are sick, depressed, and out of money. He can’t hurt you. Luke 10:17. But you have to be walking close, and be on guard for the adversary…..always watching for his traps.

I once heard that we should go through the New Testament and underline, ” In Christ. ” I think I should do that maybe I should have before but I was busy running around confused. I really have learned to be still, quiet, holy, before Him. I have learned about the accuser.

It is my sincerest desire not to confuse anyone and to explain it as simply, as possible. I’ve been dealing with a little anger, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about it. I was once told to get mad at the devil. I really have been because I see his awful self hard at work against what I do. I just can’t see giving up the gifts God gave me, they are too precious to me.  I have also had some hard things to deal with but I know His grace is sufficient and He has been sweet to me, even in my mistakes. I know He has the answers.

So who are we in Christ, let’s take a look and find out.  Rebecca Jones / Pete Bellis Unsplash


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