Are You A Miracle Magnet?


Are you a miracle magnet? I sure hope I am. I was watching a show about a little girl who lived a long time ago. One day, a table started shaking as she came near to eat. Even her wrought iron bed shook at times. While there are cases of possession and children tormented or being vexed by evil spirits, (the Syrophoniecian woman’s daughter ) the so called Poltergeists, the parents were afraid and there was apparently nothing the girl had done. But we may not know the whole story.

Doctor after doctor, examined her and determined that somehow she was magnetic, but could not cure her. Having no other way to support herself, she became a performer. Now, that’s their story. I warn people all the time about the dangers of the occult, not to be confused with gifts of the Spirit. And also about drug abuse which falls into that category.

Truthfully, had this girl been magnetic, the test is simple. A compass would spin. What these performers are doing is conducting friction. Upon further study, I found there were many of them in the 19th century, including a couple here in Georgia. I used to live in Atlanta, where there is  a hospital named for the man who put her in vaudeville.  Somehow these performers just conduct more electricity than the rest of us, instead of a spark from crossing carpet and hitting a light switch, they can appear to hold metal objects and others can’t pull them away.

Newer attempts at this are also debunked because people are sticking objects to their skin. They have so called sticky skin and secrete the sticky and aren’t able just to draw an iron or lamp to them. But our Lord was magnetic, He demonstrated a power, the dunamis like no other, and He was no performer but He loves an audience, and enjoys a good laugh, parades, feasts and intimate dinners at home.

Jesus was lifted up, but on a cross. He drew people to Him. He drew crowds, sinners, disciples and women. Jesus really embraced women into His ministry. It should have never been so difficult for them to minister, after all they were created to love and nurture, by a loving Father.

So are we magnets? What do we attract? Opposites? Trouble? Or other magnets. I’m not much of a scientist but I know a really smart guy who can number and name the stars, and I think He would be happy if we would begin to lift Him up and then see what we attract.  Jesus is our charisma, our magnetic personality, let’s lift Him up not on the cross but on throne, and draw men and women and children to Him.  Rebecca Jones /pixabay


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