The Wisdom To See Jesus


To really see Jesus, have you ever looked into someone’s eyes? Sure you have. But have you ever looked so deeply into someone’s eyes that their soul was visible, or that spark, the fire of the Holy Spirit burning like the bush Moses must have looked at? You see the eternal, ongoing love of God in the eyes of Jesus. It takes concentration, focus to keep your eyes fixed on the author and finisher of our faith. But this too, is wisdom. Proverbs tells us wisdom cries out in the street, wisdom is described as woman. The pronoun is she. Like I say, it’s never about us or them, men versus women. It’s about right and wrong, it’s all about Jesus.

There is more to it than that longing for love, people can gaze into each other’s eyes and promise the moon and the romance cool off and die. That’s not Jesus, He is love eternal. No one had ever seen God in His glory, Moses saw only the back of Him. And no man has seen the Father is correct, yet Jesus was God in the flesh and declared, if you’d seen Him, you’d seen the Father.

So many people won’t look you in the eye anymore. It can be disrespect, distraction or deception. There are those deceptive and cruel, evil enough to lie to your face. But most people are just wrapped up in the own lives and paying attention to phones. Manners are lacking in today’s world.

I’m convinced that many people won’t look into the eyes of a true believer because they are afraid of seeing Jesus, the love in His eyes convicts of sin but does not condemn, so what is there to fear unless you want to continue to willingly sin and stay bound to the ways of the world, when He could free you?

Look at Jesus, a painting, The Passion, gaze into the eyes of love that will never leave you. One who longs to hold you, to love you and embrace you with eternal life. His eyes are deep wells, and soulful, He is acquainted with grief and sorrow, He understands fear and pain. He has defeated an enemy we never could and wants us to overcome by His blood and the word of our testimony. He is all that and more.

Many bow to Him, prostrate themselves before the altar or throne, and well they should, but remember, He touched a leper and said I am willing to heal you! The great I AM is willing with eyes of burning love to heal, He comforted a woman who pushed through a crowd to touch Him. Surely, He will do the same for us.

Look into the eyes of grace, love and truth. Look into a heart that was broken for you. Look to Jesus and really see Him. That is wisdom enough for anyone. Rebecca Jones / Teddy Petrovsky thank you.


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