The Making of Deborah?


My in link has been down for weeks, I have not been able to do this link up and today, here it is. I was reading Holley’s post about the election. I was never into politics, I didn’t like it, I still can’t say I do. But I love Jesus, and He has given us each a measure of faith to grow in Him. He has given us His love, His forgiveness.

Where has it gone? People descend into madness disagreeing about the election. It’s not about men versus women, but qualifications and right and wrong. It is wrong to criticize Mr. Trump, he is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, mogul. But does he have what it take to be president? Perhaps.

On the other side of that, there is Hillary Clinton, lawyer, first lady, Secretary of State, educated, experienced, professional. She’s overcome adversities, media barrages, broken an elbow, had her mother pass away, seen her daughter married. We tend to see people in the public and judge them. If they make mistakes, they are monsters. If the economy is good, they are hailed. Let’s not forget that these candidates are just human beings, they need prayers as much as any of us do, and more so, if called on to make Solomon like decisions.

It begs the question then, ” Have we prayed about it, as much as we’ve talked about it? ” My answer is yes. Truthfully, I haven’t talked about it, not much. I posted a couple of comments. I will not argue my beliefs, I don’t have to. I don’t have to defend myself, Jesus defends me. I will not even repeat what was told to me, when I said I believed she would get elected. I do. Would I be happy about that? Yes, of course. Do I agree with everything, either one of them stand for, probably not. Definitely not.

Do I agree with the onslaught of insults? No. Jesus forgave people of their sins and we are not their judges, He is ours. Our words are important, they can build up or destroy. I suggest we dig into our own souls before we start stoning anyone. Let’s get rid of the splinters in our own eyes, before we gouge out another’s.

There are things you don’t ever forget, Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City, 9/11. I can remember the sound of Mrs. Clinton’s heels crossing to the podium for her to speak as the bodies of the Ambassador and those killed at Benghazi were returned. There was silence, nothing but the clicks of her heels in the hangar. I doubt she’ll ever forget that moment, either. And I remember, she was anxious to find Chelsea on 9/11. I’m sure her heart pounded until she realized she was safe in Battery Park.

Whatever you may think of her, Mrs. Clinton is extremely capable and qualified. And I don’t believe for a moment that she would not defend America and its citizens. She has not forgotten her mistakes, no one lets her. But Jesus forgives, I pray she will know that, and that He will make her a Deborah over us as the judge over Israel was. Even Barak would not go to war without her going along? Get the picture? God is in charge no matter the outcome. No matter who is president, He is King. And not just of Kings, of the universe.

I know mothers of sons killed in war, people out of work, frustrated with health care, and those opposed to same sex unions and abortion, will be angry at some of my words and they can choose to be. Either, people will go on carrying bitterness or even hatred or let Jesus melt it off them. These are not my words but His, that you must forgive, so He can forgive you.

I believe marriage is a precious and sacred gift from God, between a man and woman and that babies are His reward. In spite of those who think America is lost and about to be judged for it sins and turning their backs on God, that God will have to have to apologize to Sodom and Gommorah, I say, He came to seek and save the lost and paid a tremendous price for us, even for the worst of us if they can believe. I say Tyre and Sidon would have repented had they heard Him, but Bethsaida and Chorazin, would not receive Him or the miraculous. And  I say, Abraham asked for God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah, if righteous could be found. I know there are righteous men and women of God in America. And we are only righteous because of Him.

And for the men, allow the Holy Spirit to touch your hearts as a believer, let Him help you rethink your attitudes toward women. All they want is equality and respect, the love and protection and security, men are to provide as godly husbands. We don’t want to be behind you or in front of you but beside you. I’m not so simple minded to believe that all men would understand this point of view, not so double minded that I can back off believing my Lord’s love of women. I’m not open minded enough to accept what I know is sin and shame and brings harm to souls and puts them on a path of destruction.

You see, people are human and unless they really seek the wisdom of God, by His Spirit, they will fail and fall short, but His grace is amazing and available. And I love Him for it. There is a way that appears right but the end is destruction as the Proverb says. People do what they think is right in there own eyes, even presidents, even Christians.

And let’s not forget how Jesus restored both men and women, and included women in His ministry, let’s not forget the people He touched and let Him touch us. It was Mary Magdalene, He first appeared to, who carried the news of the resurrection. So let us pray for Hillary Clinton, I prayed for the Obamas, the Bible says to pray for those in authority, and even if we do, let’s not try to pray prayers to change or control people or even make them change laws. Let’s pray for them to know how blessed they are, how much they are loved and forgiven if they receive it. Let’s pray for God to bless America.

As the first lady President of the Unite States, Hillary Clinton, would have my congratulations. I pray He makes her a Deborah, and she was called a mother to Israel. I know, I get it, she supports abortion. And I do not. But she is a woman and a mother and a wife and she has a heart. Who am I to judge? We see the outside, God sees the heart. Perhaps, we did not see tears over agonizing decisions but maybe He did, and they are in a bottle, with His blessing and help, she will not repeat her mistakes, I pray none of us do.

With the election over, let’s turn to Him for rest, let’s be repentant and respectful and ever mindful of His Word. We are all under authority sometimes we choose and sometimes not, but we can chose to submit to God, our final authority. Should Hillary Clinton be our Deborah, she may find herself sitting under a palm. I pray God’s blessing on her presidency, and that He holds her in His palm. Rebecca Jones


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