The Wisdom of Stillness


My mother was an assistant day care director, exceptional with children and babies. We also ran a home daycare. The one thing she would always do for the babies was to quiet them was to rub their backs, we had good Christian music or lullabies playing.  In a time where mothers had abandoned playpens and high chairs, we used them, and encouraged  the babies to soothe themselves with a mobile, stuffed animals or some sort of age appropriate toys. Of course, in the daycare there were classes, but home was different, we had all ages and even picked up some afternoon, after school children.

The cribs were separate but the babies could see what was going on. They were always talked to, held and included. When they were old enough, the could sit  in walkers, or high chairs and watch television, learning programs and we had a host of videos from Nest Entertainment about Jesus. We sowed the love of Jesus into the children, and the parents, Christian or not never object. We only had one same sex couple decide against us because we did not support the lifestyle, however others who were friends of a parent would drop by with her, and even buy Girl Scout cookies. His love made a difference to this girl who married a man and had a little daughter, she already had a son.

I hope, looking back, that we made a difference in many people, some I won’t know until heaven. We had long hours and way too much work, and when care giving extended to family illnesses. We were spent, closed the daycare, had two deaths in the family, and moved. Years later, we have found ourselves with children again, difficult children.

It has been hard, only now have I realized the importance of living a life for Christ, and that our daycare wasn’t just a daycare, but a ministry of love. In all the sharing, caring, teaching, feeding, nurturing, disciplining and diapering. We lost us, by so giving of ourselves we lost our own back rubs, soothing, and the stillness of the peace of Jesus.

Jesus never ran anyone in over drive. The enemy drives you to distraction. I was at a charismatic convention, in desperate need of healing, unable to run for a seat, I did anyway, doing as my cousin suggested. Before that  lady almost shoved me into a plate glass window. As I ran with everything I could muster, an old lady came beside me, and ask why I was running. I told her to get a seat.

Now, I know she was an angel. Jesus wants to know. ” Why are you running? ” ” You are seated with me in heavenly places. ”

There is wisdom in stillness. Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10  Take time to be still everyday, as a believe you are His child, He will soothe you will His Word but you can also soothe yourself, and then give Him the praise that is due. Rebecca Jones/ Zohri Nehmatie Unsplash



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