The Wisdom of Silence


With my 31 Days of Rest now past, I’ve have several new topics to write about. In case you wonder about blog inspirations, sometimes, it’s a verse or something I have studied and applied to my own life. And then there are times, it is a clear word from the Lord that I know I need to share. A lot of times, I think it is just for me. And it is. I have a knowing of what to pray for whom, and also direction of what to share.

On my road to healing, I was taught to grow my faith and healing would come. So did enemy attacks. I was forever confessing healing, and my back and other problems got worse. I angered so many people trying to get them to join me. You don’t have to share everything, it got Joseph in a lot of trouble, but I knew there was healing.

I read, prayed, studied. Truthfully, so many charismatic ministries made it hard for me. It’s not rocket science, it’s simple faith, believe in the perfect love of Jesus. When I stop focusing on me and how to get well, what I was doing wrong, His love overtook me.

When I was shrouded in grief, literally, over my life that was ” dead “, His silence and His rest embraced me. I had always prayed to be who He wanted me to be and I meant it. I had my own ideas and they were only a glimpse into the heart of a loving Father.

The only mistake I made was not giving my full self over to Him, I trusted Him for healing and it would come and go during attacks and then more symptoms, I was forever sick with bronchitis, migraines, obesity, vericose veins, borderline blood pressure, pain. I may share more later.

And there was healing, grace and is there for you as well if you can believe. Not in great faith. Not in a so called faith healer, I hate the term. It should be grace minister, or teacher of His love. Jesus must be your focus. As a believer, He is with you 24/7. So acknowledge Him. Love Him. Worship Him in silence. There is wisdom in silence.

So even if we enter November, and a time of thanks and start looking forward to gifts parties and celebrations. In all the hoopla and fa la la la la, get quiet, still before Him. Let the cares roll of off you, stop trying to be everything to everybody or you won’t be any good to anybody.

There is wisdom in silence. Don’t answer every question in detail or explanations, don’t over apologize, just say, ” I’m sorry, I have plans. ” Even if it a bath a book and a good night’s rest. Don’t respond to criticism. I was forever defending myself, and when I do Jesus can’t. I’d rather have Him champion me.

The enemy is a thief and a liar. He is a kill joy, and having no love, joy and peace and no rest will kill you. If you won’t let Him, Jesus won’t. Nothing by any means shall harm you. Luke 10:19. You do have to submit to God and resist him and he will flee, but he will accuse you falsely through your own mind and heart and even other Christians. Don’t let it shake you,  things are shaking in the last days. Hold on to Jesus and hold onto faith and He will hold you in the palm of His hand that was scarred.

From Ecclesiates 3, there is a time to speak and a time to keep silent. And believe me, having learned a lesson, there is wisdom in silence. Rebecca Jones



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