Jesus Frees Women


What a wonderful Lord! Jesus frees women! And we are, indeed! The Lord showed so much compassion to women. He loved His mother, of course. He freed Mary Magdalene from seven devils. He freed Mary of Bethany with her Alabaster Box.

He freed the daughter of Jairus, a young woman of twelve and an older woman with a menopausal issue for twelve years. He delivered a vexed daughter at a distance for the Syrophoenician woman. He went the distance, out of His way for the woman at the well.

He freed all sorts of women, by healing their children, their husbands, or themselves. He treated them equally, respectfully, and loved them incredibly. He was intimate, never overt. The Lord is a perfect gentleman. Men could and should learn a lot from Him. And I’m not condemning them, but they need Jesus as an example.

Too many of them are caught up being the head of the house as Christians, believing a wrong impression of Him as dictatorial and overbearing, sometimes even forgetting that He is head over them. The election has brought out the worst in some. People will not vote for Hillary Clinton, because she is a woman, and I mean intelligent, well respected people.

Many women will, and while I try to never argue politics or religion, I pray for those in authority. We a supposed to and not for God to make them do this or that but for them to know His love and perfect will. You can’t pray for God to control people, He won’t, He gives us free will.I do not agree with everything they believe or stand for, but they are people too. And the Word, declares that there is a way that seems right, though the end is destruction. Most will do what they think is right, seems fair, even if the spiritual aspects will lead to destruction.

Should Mrs. Clinton become our first lady President, I pray the Lord’s blessings on her, winning will be a blessing, and hope for women everywhere in America. For I would pray  the Lord will make her a Deborah over the United States, just as the Bible’s Deborah, a judge over Israel, was a great leader and called a mother to them. I pray she is that as well. Even Barak would not go to battle without her. Maybe, she’s Deborah already.

I really don’t care if anyone agrees with that or not. I’m not into politics, I’m into Jesus. I’m not demanding laws to be reversed or do this or that. I am only asking Him to move upon the hearts of men toward women. Too many women have suffered abuse, illness, rejection. Too many are treated poorly or as property. Women suffer, children suffer and men who just don’t or won’t understand suffer. And people die, from lack of knowlege.

In America, we can walk beside the men, not behind. They are not superior and we are not subservient. Women were glad to follow Jesus, He did and does have everyone’s interest at heart. He has answers to questions we can’t even ask. And yes, I prayed for the Obamas too.

And Peter’s mother in law was another one who benefited from the Master’s touch. Her fever left. I pray that women everywhere will feel His touch and be healed, delivered, and freed. Jesus frees women, and they are free indeed. Rebecca Jones



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