Handfuls On Purpose


We’ve all probably read the story of Ruth and how she made the difficult decision to follow her mother in law back to Bethlehem after they were widowed. Her sister in law did not go. We all make decisions every day, most of them are irrelevent, what to wear, what to have for dinner. Should I use this perfume or that one? Do I take these calls? Should I go to the store today?

But there are those that are life impacting. What career you choose, who to marry, decisions about children and finances. And those that pertain to health. But whether you have a career or a SAHM, I just found out that was stay at home mom. You can tell I don’t text message, I’ll have to learn. Or whether you are a single girl or married a long time, or several times, whether you’ve had children or not, the most life impacting decision you will make is to accept Jesus.

Ruth had been a pagan, she really turned her life around or rather God did. Her old life was hard, cruel, beset by evils, and now she was forced to glean in the field of a kinsman redeemer. But from the first time Boaz saw her, he loved her. He instructed the workers to leave her handfuls on purpose. The poor were only allowed to glean from the corners of the field.

Boaz is a picture of Christ the Redeemer in the Old Testament, read it and find Jesus in many stories, prophecies,, parables and poetry. He has woven Himself into every book, a thread that we should hold onto and sew into our  robe of righteousness, as a mantle of His glory, golden spun and silky like the grain, we glean from His Word, just as Ruth did from Boaz’ field.

He has left us handfuls on purpose, His Word, His Spirit, His love. Boaz may have sacrificed something, I don’t know. Marrying a Moabite may not have been popular, but he never made the compassionate sacrifice that Jesus did. From the first time, He saw us, He loved us. The Bible said God knew us before we were born. He made us such a sacrifice out of love that we should have walked in His Spirit and power overcoming every enemy.

But alas, we have not. Too often our struggles in our own lives have seperated us from a secure father or husband love. It is why we struggle with faith, at least in part, our own insecurites and failures have made us believe that we are unworthy of such a love. Yet, there is a place of rest that you reach and if you look back and find that even if you were running from Him or getting ahead of Him, not seeking His path, or even pursuing Him as I did, you will look back over your shoulder at the field of your life and see the handfuls He left you on purpose, the grace, the mercy, the things you got, that you didn’t really deserve. That is the last time I want you to look back. We are not to be pillars of salt, but salt and light.

And like Ruth chose to become an accepted bride, so should we. We are loved unconditionally, our spiritual husband, the Lord, has redeemed us, accepted us as the beloved, provided for us, left to prepare an eternal home, and knows exactly where we are right now. As He rejoices over us today, receive that love, let it fill your harvest basket to overflowing.

As beloved women of God, we must also reach back for a sister, as the Master has instucted, as we have been given, let’s remember that as we walk through life to leave behind for some other woman, handfuls on purpose, we all want to invite guest to the Marriage Supper, and you may have a seat beside some you brought to Jesus. Rebecca Jones / Adina Voicu photography Unsplash


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