Who’s Your Judas?


Who’s your Judas? It might seem too be a loaded or rhetorical question, but it isnt. I like to study the Bible as real people not just stories. God had to accept a lot of blame for things He didn’t do until Jesus came and revealed Himself to us. And out of the twelve, the devil sought one to betray Him and he found him in Judas. It was not the boisterous Peter who would deny Him. It was not the “sons of thunder ” or even doubting Thomas.

It was Judas. In the silent film, King of Kings, he is driven to madness and betrayal, at first he resisted the tempter’s evil suggestion, but gradually caves into greed and ambition and is absorbed by the enemy completely in soul. It is an excellent performance. I always wondered how one could do such a thing?

By His grace and love, I have resisted many things. I never understood how someone that close could do it. Jesus breathed on him, he had a choice to obey Jesus or the devil. He chose wrong. Could he have repented? Perhaps. The Lord says that He has lost no one save or except the son of perdition. Does that mean He saves everyone? No, you still have to believe and seek, you walk in the Spirit, not the flesh. It is weak. You see satan go after Jesus at weak moments, but He was perfect and overcame perfectly.

I realize that this gets deep into mental issues, the soul being the mind, will and emotions. Outside elements such as drugs and alcohol will destroy a mind, will and emotions. Mental illnesses can be treated but no doubt some of the afflicted are tormented by demonic thoughts. Most of us would never kill, unless to protect our own lives or that of others, but evil gets into souls and they are lost in murderous rampages. Lots of issues spring up, gun control, prayer in school, racial divides. Yet, God sees the heart and only He can judge or know what a person is capable of. We as a society are to be aware, mindful and prayerful and vigilant, knowing the roaring lion will devour those who choose not to follow Jesus’ teachings and example of love.

Another example is in the 1933 film, Hell’s Angels, friends captured by the Germans are compelled to give the location of their troops. One is willing to tell, he is afraid and weak,  the other says no he will and summons a guard. Facing the German commander he offers to tell if they will give him a pistol and let him shoot the friend, he offers some excuse and they agree. So he kills the friend, and does not betray the others, risking his life or even torture. He is no Judas. History and film are full of these stories.

Michael Card’s song, Why?, explains that only a friend can betray, a friend a stranger has nothing to gain, and only a friend comes close enough to ever cause so much pain. And why did it have to be a kiss when that’s not what a kiss is for? The ultimate betrayal. We’ve seen the movies, put  yourself in Jesus’ place, or Judas. Peter whacking off the ear of Malchus, can you?

The moonlight hits the olive trees, shadows fall, sleeping disciples could not stay awake as Jesus prayed in agony, His sweat dropping as blood upon the earth, reversing the curse of Adam. He is mentally and physically exhausted, satan wants to crush the life out of  Him. In the distance, shadows lurk and the glow of torches approaching gathers disciples to His side.

Judas approaches. You would not think him capable of looking Jesus in the eye, and maybe for a second he questions that decision, but steps up to kiss the cheek of the Savior. The blackness of his heart forever sealed in the devil’s grasp, he is the embodiment of evil, and flees into the night. Later, he is tortured by what he has done, returns the money and gives himself a death sentence.

But Jesus steps up and and confronts them telling them they had seen Him before and not taken Him. Peter slices off the ear of one who comes to seize Him. Jesus will have none of that and heals the ear, imagine Malchus’ thoughts. Even obedient unto death, He was still powerful, for He had a cross to bear. He loved us and gave His life.

This makes me think of how He said believers will speak in new tongues, cast out devils, drink poison that doesn’t hurt them, ( false teaching/ leaven )  and raise the dead. It is not something just for the disciples, there are records of it, but it requires study, strong faith, and definitely the help of Jesus. I do not like the term faith healer, all healing takes faith, it’s someone agreeing with you. It is Jesus, the hope of glory who heals, casts out, keeps you from false truths and raises the dead. He obeyed death for us once, now it obeys Him, so if someone dies, it is not Him taking them, but the one who comes to kill the body, He is the mercy if you belong to Him. It is He raises the dead, figuratively and physically, even through prayer.

Deep study, right?  And agree or disagree, we all have had a Judas at one time, not to the degree of this one, but a friend or loved one, husband or wife or even a child, someone close who betrayed you. Who may have caused you to to lose your job? A business deal? Has some abused you when you loved and trusted them? These are all Judases. Were you the Judas? Ask forgiveness.

Forgiving them is your key to healing. It may be hard to see, but it is true. It was never just the person, but power behind them, even a believer who allowed the devil to use them to hurt you in their weakness and disobedience to God. Forgive and heal, and be careful on the internet and who you confide in. The devil sets many snares and digs many pits, even trying to help people can backfire on you. Learn to discern, we’ll talk more about that soon.

I pray for you today that in Jesus name you are able to forgive and heal. May the Holy Spirit grant you that grace, may He pour the oil of joy on your head, cover you with the blood of Jesus. He restores, He knows loss more than anyone. He knows we are His masterpieces but some of us need restoration. Rebecca Jones /pexels


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