Is Delilah After You?


Delilah, contrary to popular belief, did not cut Samson’s hair. She called someone to do it for her. Isn’t that the case? Don’t people always get someone else to do their dirty work? How many times have you watched a movie and someone hires a hit man? Or a soap opera and someone sets out to trap someone else’s husband and employs a friend maybe to distract the wife? Well, it’s been a while since I watched Days of Our Lives, but you get the drift. The best or worst example may be, besides the devil using Judas, is Herodias, getting Salome to dance for John the Baptist’s head.

While Samson’s hair wasn’t the source of his power, God was. By allowing the Holy Spirit to come upon him, the hair was a symbol of a vow. Just as we make a vow to Jesus as a believer. We are figuratiively and in a sense literally, married to the beloved bridgroom. Salvation is live a marriage, you exchange vows with Jesus, He’s faithful and usually we are not because we are human and allow the enemy too much ground.

We often trade the intimacy of prayer with our Lord into seeking others advice. We trade His friendship and love for worldy friends. tha’t not to say you can’t have freinds or fun just include Jesus. God values His Word above His name. Psalm 138:2.

Hair often represents authority in Christian dream interpretation. You must be careful about this because the devil uses occult practices to lure you into seeking ungodly advice. Be sure who is interpreting any dreams you have or if you try yourself ask the Holy Spirit to confirm it for you.

I have heard of Jezebel spirits, but it appears that there is a Delilah one at work as well. Are you a believer who has been cut out of something. lost a job or position unjustly? Have you lost authority over your family? Spiritual authority? If you are not getting through to people or your spouse or children, maybe Delilah is working against you.

Perhaps, that same evil or just the wickedness of some woman, possibly, even a man has targeted  you for being a Christian. God is faithful, Jesus remembers His vows, so remember yours. Don’t seek vengeance, let Him work things for your good. Romans 8:28.

And remember, Samson was often unfaithful and he only had the Holy Spirit upon Him, whereas a believer, He is in us. And greater is He that is in us! 1 John 4:4

Look out Delilah, this time the Philistines may be upon you! Rebecca Jones /stock photo


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