Laboring For Rest


It’s a strange phrase about laboring for rest. But it is in Hebrews and also the Old Testament because the Israelites didn’t enter it. We’ve all worked 8,10, or even 12 hour days to get ahead, to pay bills or just to eat. But have we put in a day’s work to rest? I’d say no!

Lately, I have. Even in the hectic pace around me and sometimes miserable attitudes of others, and guarding my own, I secret myself away to pray. Yes, I gave up a lot of television. Truthfully, Jesus is more important and it just doesn’t hold my interest. He does. I know how His healing hand touched my life and made me a whole person again. I know there is truth in Isaiah 53. Not everyone shares my opinion, that’s alright. Go you’re way and I’ll go mine but I have every right to tell anyone who wants to know and believe.

So, I realized that overwork, worry, stress, and cruel attitudes and my sensitivity all played a part. I allowed my heart to get hurt. Now, I guard it. I ask God to guard it. I can’t watch my mouth as well as I like but I asked Him to guard that as well.

And then I’m sitting in my room or go to my prayer closet. I look at pictures, write poetry, listen to music. I rest, I’m not looking back to find my mistakes anymore, I’m looking forward to letting God steer me clear of them. He is my defender, my shield. Nothing will ever separate me from His love. Nothing ever has, not even me and my foibles and faux pas’.

I sleep better, I stopped grinding my teeth, I take naps. I take in the smells of perfumes and lotions. I play fetch with my Yorkie. If something needs cleaning, it will get done. I serve a few paper plate dinners and cook the one pot meals, I make a mean chili.

I have a lot of people who need me and the truth is taking on so much of everyone else’s struggles and letting my own life slide was killing me. I needed love and attention, too. I’m not a maid, not a servant. Even though you hear about having a servant’s heart, and it’s a song I used to sing. Jesus was the servant candle in the center of the menorah. And He lights our spirit as the candle of the Lord.

He wasn’t intimidated, bullied or badgered. Though He was annoyed by people who were pretending to be righteous by the Law, the Pharisees or Sadducees, or others. He chose His words wisely and kept His mouth shut. And that’s a hard thing to do sometimes.

Just rest, it pleases God. He know we have to work but He can give us better days, better jobs, careers or place us at the right place at the right time. Stay sensitive to Him, compassionate and loving, yielded to His perfect will, just rest in the fact that know He loved us so, He knows whats best and the how, when, where and why and even who of it all. Rebecca Jones


Whispers of Rest


Whispers of rest come in many forms. God doesn’t have to shout to be heard, although He could and has spoken out. We know so little about the nature of our Abba, Father that we would simply overlook or ignore the peace Jesus left us, and pursue our humdrum and hectic lives.

When a wasp flies into your car, you swat it without hitting the brakes and roll down the windows, hoping not to be stung. But a whisper of rest is my being on the way to the store with a ladybug in tow. I watched it take a seat and enjoy the ride, it moved about a little as if to look out the window, when I got to the store, I took it out and left it on a bush in a new home. The ladybug was at home, a quiet, peaceful , companion that lifted my spirits.

For some lovely reason God chases me with butterflies, a whisper of rest, gentleness, grace and peace. I have mentioned before that I had a hard time a long while back and He sent me two white butterflies as I sat crying. Yellow ones follow me in pairs and dance around outside the window. Just the other day, a beautiful monarch passed me returning from the mailbox, that happens often.

The little things that trickle into our minds and hearts, a memory, a song, or when you get a timely word of encouragement, whisper,rest. We must learn the gift of the Spirit called discernment. I got a pin on my Pinterest board from a lady I  seldom hear from, it took me by surprise. It read,  ” Trust God No Matter What! ” I was taken aback. That wasn’t a whisper of grace, it was shouting and I paid attention.

I wrote her back and thanked her. The two weeks that followed were riddled with trials and attacks, I fought back with praise, staying on my partial fast, and encouraging women every way I could. Now, it’s better.

Come against your attack every way possible and from the opposite side, if the spirit of heaviness comes after you put on your garment of praise. Butterflies and ladybugs are simple reminders of His love, like roses, sunsets, stars. I love all the little ways it looks as if God is smiling on me, even in the hard places. Some people call them God Winks, you can decide a name yourself, just you and the Lord will know, unless you share.

He whispers grace, He whispers, peace and He whispers rest. I love watching sparrows hop around the fast food places with a piece of french fry. They’re not worried, God has an eye on them, and He is grieved if even if one of them falls. So beloved Daughters of the King, if you have to, in order to not give up, look for the little whispers, it may be butterflies for me and something else for you, but He’s whispering rest, and if you have to park in the parking lot of any number or eating places or grocery stores, and watch the sparrows. Rebecca Jones


Why Can’t I Rest?



What do you do when you just can’t rest? You work, take care of your family and you fall by the way somewhere between dirty dishes and lost socks. A little light housekeeping helps, and I mean rescheduling things that aren’t as important. Maybe shopping online is easier for some things, rather than a trip to the store.

My shopping is stocking up on laundry detergent, fabric softener and cleaning items, paper towels and toilet paper, and pack the freezer. Limit the grocery store trips, you can always pick up milk and bread.

I gave up those awful talk shows along time ago and those true murder stories. I can’t believe I ever watched some of that garbage television. They are a waste of my time. I like to write better or blog or watch a classic movie or old sitcom. I like music, I like to relax even with classic music, piano is great.

There is no simple answer I can give, except Jesus. And you will have to walk in the Spirit and be obedient. So many of us have not fully surrendered to His perfect will, we are out there gathering handfuls on purpose when He would give us the field, and the husband, like Ruth.

I’d rather get to go to bed early or sleep late. I can be up if I need to be, available to help or encourage women. I love having a gift for words and creativity. I used to not be able to rest, I was always on the go. I learned the hard way, through health problems, that I had to slow down. Even today, I was under an attack of familiar symptoms, pain. I almost cried, I was so tired, and I had not had a busy day.

Because the Lord knows I set my heart on giving Him first place, He was right there as I called on Him. I rested, literally, mentally. You only have His peace or rest if you stay focused on Him. Praying in the Spirit is a must not to fall back into old traps of the enemy.

If you are not familiar with spiritual gifts, ask Him. Read and study the Word on the subject. Believe me, you never want to go to a place of depression, or physical ailments if you don’t have to. The Holy Spirit can warn you, slow you down. God does not put diseases on you but He can take them off, or just keep them away. Better than that, even head them off.

It’s better not to get there in the first place. Jesus loves you, and I want to love you by being truthful, pray in the Spirit as much and as often as you can, and learn discernment. All spirits were created by Him, but some are fallen. And though many do not believe in a literal devil, he’s there just the same. But thankfully the greater one is in us and His name is Jesus and He loves us and desire to give us rest. Rebecca Jones

You Can’t Exhaust Jesus!


Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

You can’t exhaust Jesus. I feel like I’ve tried, not on purpose, of course, but just because I have dealt with so much in my life, because I’ve loved so many people, prayed for so many people, struggled with so many people. This verse popped in my e-mail this morning and it is like one of God’s love notes to me. He sees how tired I really am, all the good I’ve tried to do, my fruit, my harvest, my failures.

He comforted me through last night’s tears after a hard day that started out well and took a turn for the worse. He keeps tears, you know, my bottle filled up long ago, so He must a shelf full by now. It is so easy to get weary in well doing, especially if you don’t see your harvest, if you sow seeds that are still in a warm earth, that is about to be colder and hard. Is that the way people’s hearts have become, resisting God and not the devil? Too caught up their own pursuits to listen to the Master’s voice and step out boldly and declare His holy name in a day when people are in desperate need of Him whether they know it or not.

The devil wants more than anything to wear us out, make us quit, give up our callings and gifts. Just because he has nothing to offer and and lost his anointed cherub status, doesn’t mean we have to give up on our lives, our faith, our hopes and dreams that God sowed deep in our hearts.

They are not to be plucked up by the roots even if you feel like you’ve been hit by the lawnmower. If weeds and bad pennies and satan keep popping up, cut them down. How? By leaning into Jesus and resting on His chest like John did. John knew how much he was loved, just like the woman with her alabaster box, Mary.

That box was fragile and broken, so is our lives, as fragile a butterfly wing, a women’s heart was made to be nurturing and an strong, a thing of sacred beauty, maternal. And we have to be careful not to wear out because someone needs us. Like the people who read this far away, I may never see you until I meet you in heaven. But you are my harvest.

So just because we have sown, and not see anything growing, if it appears to have been cut down, bent or broken in a storm, the roots of love are still there, and the devil will never pluck Jesus from our hearts or us from His hand, try as he may. It may be that he exhausts us through others or disappointments or despair. It is his mission to keep me quiet it would appear.

I have seen him take innocent life and I’ve seen people who’ve just handed over their soul, I’ve seen people give in and give up, and I am very human, I know why. But I also know who, who died for me! Who loved me!? Who gives me everything! So it is Him I seek when I am weak He is strong for me, when I am weary in well doing, He’s saying well done. When I am exhausted and could fall asleep after dinner or even without any dinner, I can’t exhaust Jesus, the lifter of my head, He’s why I get up in the morning, and the last name on my lips at night. He is my rest, my peace, I can never and will never exhaust His love. Rebecca Jones

“Grace all-sufficient dwells in you, believer. There is a living well within you springing up; use the bucket, then; keep on drawing; you will never exhaust it; there is a living source within.” Charles Spurgeon via Crystal Storms

My Alabaster Box


I wrote a post about Mary of Bethany, the woman with the Alabaster Box and I was so impressed by her emotion, her outpouring of love for the Lord. She was described as a sinner, but she was repentant and brokenhearted at the Lord’s forgiveness and compassion on her. While Judas’ was more worried about money, she anointed Him for burial and washed His feet with perfume and tears and dried them with her hair.

I have seen a couple of old time foot washing services, it was nothing like that. Many people confuse her with Mary Magdalene, but John 11:2 makes plain her identity. What a pure and unselfish act of love, just as the act of giving your life for someone.

And you know, I thought about it and I decided there were things in everyone’s lives, yours and mine that are in those Alabaster Boxes, secrets, wounds, scars and hurts. There are unimaginable heartaches and breaks, horror stories, love stories and triangles. misfits and missed opportunities.

I would be in tears telling my story. You would be in tears telling yours. There’s no need to rehearse the past, relive the sadness or shame. It’s under the blood of Jesus, forgiven, forgotten, forever. Don’t let the lies or sadness creep in, depression and grief are sad states to live in. Not even a nice place to visit.

I am truly sorry for hurting people who would love help. Sadly there are those who only want the handout and not the leg up. I saw an episode of JAG once, a marine could not make it over a wall, though he tried and tried, finally the main character, Harm, told them they were a team. So here goes the marine again, and then as he gets to the top and cant get over there are his comrades pulling him on down. It reminds me of the father whose fell into the fire with seizures. He believed Jesus, yet tacked on the help my unbelief, Jesus did. He met the man at His level. Just as He cried with the sisters over Lazarus, it was compassion, He knew He could raise him.

The death of Christ breaks your heart as you become a repentant believer. The oil of the Holy Spirit mends it as you are forgiven of sin. He paid the price, because no one else could. You are no longer your own but you are accepted into the beloved. Your new life is in Him and the Holy Spirit guides you. He’s the only spirit guide you need. Don’t grieve Him, He’s a person, don’t harden your heart and let it be evil because of unbelief. You’re still born again, but when you fail to accept the gifts and counsel and wisdom of the Holy Spirit, you are grieving Him. He will step away and have to watch you fail. That’s never His will.

That’s why we’ve studied rest, His rest, His peace, we must labor for it, Hebrews 4. Get some rest. Holy rest, sacred rest, peaceful rest. You’ve broken your Alabaster Box at His feet, washed His feet and dried them. Your box is broken, now let Him pick up the pieces. Rebecca Jones / V.Borodinova

If you’d like you can read my other post on this, please scroll down to July 27th, my search box isn’t working right. If not, here’s the beautiful version of the CeCe Winans song. Get a tissue.

Rest Your Wings


I have learned more about rest in the past year than I ever dreamed possible. I was so used to facing the guilt trips and the stigma of overweight and lazy, that I never rested. I didn’t sleep well. I dragged through 18 hr days of care giving.

I was trying to be a good daughter, day care provider, friend and Christian. I watched lots of ministry, read lots of books. And still found no rest. It was day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year of exhaustion and illness. No rest for the weary.

I didn’t know about computers. I thought they were just for games. I had some fears lingering and when I got one, I just worked on an art program and made stationery. I typed  Bible Studies for a home group. All the while, this time, it seemed there was no one telling me about rest. Truthfully, I was not in a regular church.

I knew my health would not let me participate in many things, I was studying healing. I met lots of Christians. Not a single one has ever offered to pray for me. I met ministers. I didn’t like most of them, to be honest. And a lot of people have an attitude like, ” What you do know about….whatever, you fill it in? ”   Isn’t anyone nice anymore?

Even people in the ministry can be condescending, rude and downright mean. My poodle had just been put to sleep, and one minister I like to watched actually said, ” What, you can’t go on because the dog died? ” I promise you, it’s true.

There is a reason, Jesus said to let the dead bury the dead, He was speaking of spiritually dead people. We all were, and really still are, if we can’t rest in His peace. If you don’t receive His rest, you may be inscribing it on a stone somewhere. But we are inscribed in His palms, in the very wounds that heal ours.

He had healed Cozy, gave her some more time. She was pure joy, and it was heartbreaking  to lose her and have some insensitive man spout his opinion, not God’s. Just like another one who said flatly, ” If you weigh 300 lbs, you need to lose it. ”  Well listen Buster, ” You have an attitude, and you need to lose it. ” I was made fun of at every weight.

Jesus didn’t divide people out based on size or nationality. He went to the well, out of His way for a Samaritan woman. He healed a man in church, over objections. What kind of people wouldn’t want to see someone healed? He met people at their level and commended great faith. We have to grow in it and you won’t if you don’t love.

I know I have said things I should not have, but I wasn’t on television, I’d be more careful. I wasn’t in the pulpit, I’d be more careful. There are things that should be stated matter of factly. And yes, it should bring conviction of sin from the Holy Spirit but never a pounding condemnation which Jesus won’t do. Romans 8:1 But cruelty, is another instance entirely.

I want to apologize for not blogging sooner. I might have missed an opportunity to help someone. But I hope my prayers covered you in my absence. I want to help you not hurt you. If I write anything that hurts or offends you  I am sorry, but if it’s something the Lord has dealt with me about, maybe He is dealing with you too.

Sometimes, if it makes us mad or if we are offended it could be what someone is saying is true and we need the Lord’s help in a matter, other times, it’s just them voicing an opinion, like I hate tattoos, which I do. But see, I know God’s looking at your heart and I know He loves you and me, and even our pets. He knows we love them.

And if you’ve got a butterfly tattoo on you or on your shirt or in a clip in your hair, whether they light up  your shoes or are sewn into a jean pocket. I hope He sees your little butterfly heart resting in Him, because you need His rest. Rest your wings, you have far to fly. Rebecca Jones

Father, in Jesus name, I pray for my readers,  I hope they do have the peaceful and light butterfly heart. Let them sensitive to you Spirit and resistant to the insensitivity of others.

Tell Jesus You’re Tired


How tired are you? I’m tired. Tell Jesus you’re tired. Tell Him how tired. How very tired. Exhausted. Beyond exhausted. It’s real, I’ve been there, done that. I’m sort of still doing it as I write my 31 day challenge about rest. I had never heard that sort of thing preached before, that you rest in Him and He works it out . He can open doors, give you a dream or vision, move people in or out of your life as the case may be. He will give you favor. His undeserved grace, all be caused He loved us enough to die. He had to be willing to give up heaven, His Father everything. We have to surrender our will as well.

For instance, I always wanted to write but I never thought about ministering to people that way. I always prayed for people but I never thought about ministry. I think I bounced around it by studying so much, if anything I thought my mother was the gifted one. And she’s tired too.

I know we’re not the only ones, women give out so much and can’t back get back the reciprocation. Don’t expect children to be appreciative, for the most part. Husbands don’t get it, usually. And they’re tired, because they haven’t always followed His will either.

God wants to satisfy your soul, your husband, who gives to you, and both of you to family, friends, back to Jesus. He loves for you to draw strength from Him. He’s a wellspring of living water and we should never thirst again. He did everything with a purpose. He went out of His way to meet the woman at the well. I like to call her Zoe because it means life. He was sitting on Jacob’s well, once filled in by enemies. You have to study the Bible deeply to get the depth of His love, and then you may not even scratch the surface.

We have all had our wells filled by enemies, sickness, lack, fear, depression, oppression. Our enemies may be family or co workers, even fellow Christians. They don’t realize how much they draw from us. Some people just don’t care. Selfishness is problem, and it ‘s a trap of the enemy if we ever say no to something and take a break, here comes  a guilt trip.

The devil tries to wear out the saints. Yes, we are saints as believers. We may not act like it or have that golden glow around our heads and wave olive branches but we are. And believe me, in the spirit, your enemy sees that bold girl for God and fears you, that’s the purpose of the little foxes to torment, annoy, pester. And he will pile on the problems, disappointments and distractions to keep your well filled with rocks.

We  are lead to the rock that is higher, the solid rock that sat on a well and spoke to sinful woman of a well spring of living water. It is the refreshing prayer in the Spirit that washes us with the water of His Word, keeps us clean and pure. Effervescent, effusive, bubbling up to the surface of our souls, flowing from the inside out, a beautiful bath from heaven. True beauty, the beauty of Jesus from the inside out, it makes us sparkle! Rebecca Jones / photo Annie Spratt

Father, I’m telling your beloved Son, Jesus, I am tired. I am weary. I have tried to be faithful, a bride that walks in white before you. Often, I gave more than I received, I did not obey you in your rest. I repent of not nurturing my own mind, body and soul. Sometimes, I exercised to excess, sometimes not at all. Sometimes, I put too much focus on food or vitamins when I should have sought you instead. You are the source of everything, my bread from heaven, my water, my communion is with you. I remember your sacrifice, it was by your wounds or stripes, I was healed. I am you beloved, you desire to give me rest. I come unto you weary and heavy laden, I give you my yoke that is heavy and burdensome and receive, yours that is easy and light, you do not forsake the works of your hands and perfect everything that concerns me and if I may ask, protect all that concerns me, and if it doesn’t, don’t let me get involved, I don’t want to be weary in well doing. If its not my assignment, I don’t want it. Thank you Jesus, I drink freely the living water and rest in your love. Amen.

Ignore the Enemy


Ignore the enemy and rest. To be more precise, ignore the enemy’s voice and rest. Because we are created in the image of God, we are spirits, with a soul and a body. Being a believer and the baptism of the Holy Spirit and gifts of the Spirit cause your soul to come alive. But these gifts or the baptism of fire are not always received in tandem, and often over a period of time.

Such is the case with so many of us that we just get the hang of one doctrine and another one comes along, that sounds right, we’ll travel that road. And we waver, become double minded as James says.Then we’ve forgotten what we’ve learned before and like the child away from school for a summer, we’ve filled our head with fun and forgotten the basics, or through some illnesses, ongoing health problems we’ve begun to doubt healing, and we remember that those that who say there are no miracles and that He  heals some and not others must be right. He’s trying to teach me something or I must have done something wrong.

People who discipline their children in love are not child abusers. You can smack a hand away from a stove but you don’t burn it. He does not abuse His children. He’s is not continually beating us over the head with, ” Look what you did, and I forgave you! ” ” You don’t talk to me unless you’re in trouble! ” or ” I’m gonna get you for that! ”

God is not a verbal abuser either. He draws you with with the ” I love yous. ” Not those that smack of mushy stuff, or the obligatory one because you’re a relative. Oh, my Lord, I’m preaching to myself. God means what He says, maybe that’s why I’m careful with my ” I love yous. ” I used to sign birthday cards, back in the day, Love, Becky. Then one birthday I got one, Love, ……. . From then on I personalized it, now I add verse and I write, ” Forever Young. ” If you can, add cash or a gift certificate do it. It seemed so trite, just a poor lonely little card. I tend to over do, but isn’t that what Jesus did? He overpaid! We weren’t worth it, but He thought we were.

My trouble came with the who and how to help. Some people will not accept the poetry and music of the Lord’s love. Some will not be lovingly disciplined with the proverbial little smack or slap on the wrist. Remember, God is never trying to hurt you, He wants to slow you down, talk to you, He wants you to listen to Him, it was Jesus who took punishment. But I kept trying. I’ve seen people go way down wrong roads.

I know people think God allows things to happen, and He does, but…yes, there’s a but. He sent Jesus to die and regain the authority of Adam as a believer we have it. We don’t have to listen to the lies. ” You’re no good. ” “You’re not going to make, it. ” All the reminders of what you’ve done, if you repented, it’s under the blood. If Jesus forgives you, forgive yourself. That’s why people wind up worse than before, sicker than ever, even more addicted, bound, doing more time. They swept the house, but did not keep it cleaned with His Word, and back come the demons, seven times worse.

It’s not mind reading, it’s perception or deception. It’s not mind control, it’s a fruit of the Spirit called self control. It’s not commission but ommisson, that’s what got me a lot of the time. God will admonish you with words, and that’s one carpet you don’t to be called on.

Please understand that this is years of study and wisdom from the Holy Spirit to me, you must learn discernment, the casting down of imaginations, many things the Bible teaches you as a spiritual book. Many people attempt to copy that ” feeling ” of  something they experienced, but Only the Holy Spirit can touch you in that way, please don’t seek drugs for highs or as a form of worship which I have heard that some do though it is bizarre to me, the occult is not the same and opens dangerous and deadly doors.

But if you are a believer and study and practice your faith, He will help you. God is a loving Father, He gave up His most precious Son for us. I have heard some say no one would do that and there a story of a man who, on a boating trip faced the choice between saving his son or the friend who was not a believer. Knowing that his son would go to heaven, he saved the friend. At a service an old man was called on after the story was doubted, I’m the father, he said, and the minister added, I’m the friend. That’s  the kind of love God is. Never doubt that, it an enemy’s lie. Ignore him, his ugliness, filth, and vile, on television, in the movies, music, in your head and heart.

There are too many alternatives, too many good stories to read, to many people to reach, too much good to do, too many lives to touch and make a difference in before His return. We’re running out out of time.

Ignore His voice, God’s and fail. Ignore his voice, the wicked one who has been judged and is fallen forever, and rest, rest in His peace. Rest in arms of a loving Father who has adopted you. Love, Becky and oh, no…..

Let me love you with a prayer,

Father let your daughters and sons hear your voice today and everyday, let them discern wisely and open their hearts and hearing to you. Silence the wicked one, with rest and peace of your loving presence. There is no one like you, no love like your love. We’ve all been smacked with something you had to allow because we we’re not listening, but you admonish us with firm words, and love us with tender ones. Too many lives are being lost and all lives matter, I know it breaks your heart if even one soul does not accept your love, I bind the devil’s deceptions against parents and give them strength to love and discipline their children, before it’s too late. In Jesus name, Amen.

Rebecca Jones public domain

The Rest of Freedom


The Lord is Spirit, where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17

I used to have a metal bracelet and this verse was inscribed on it, I hope it is in a jewelry box somewhere. I wish I had one that fit now. The gift of a bracelet to a girl with a lot of Bible saavy who could memorize Scripture and spout it off, somehow got lost in the grown up world she found hard to face.

Not everyone understands Jesus or a profound love for Him. They are busy looking at the outside, while He revels in the delight of my heart. They wonder about you, if you’re all there. Some are positive your prayers aren’t heard over theirs. Theirs aren’t answered, so why are yours?

I knew He answered, I believed in miracles. Had I ever seen one?  In ways I didn’t understand , yes. I’m positive. Looking back over my life I know prayers of protection worked, now I’ve seen healing work, I’ve see people brought back to life from respirators. I’ve seen the work of angels, and the destruction of demons.

I know God is real, alive, is perfect love in the form of His Son Jesus and that His Spirit whispers across the earth looking for someone to help. He is patient, kind, all the things in 1 Corinthians 13.

But where the Lord lives and reigns in our hearts, we are free. Free indeed, because the Son has made us so. John 8:36  We are free to believe in Him, pursue the dreams He gave us, use the talents we are blessed with. We are free to to love, to enjoy life. Jesus did not die to have a bunch of sick, miserable people to Shepherd. I know, because I was one of them. So, I don’t mean to be cruel, let’s say speaking the truth in love.

And do not let people steal the joy of Jesus, He warned us about that, read His love in the book of John, again and again if need be. I never get tired of those passages. I didn’t know how free I was, or how limited. He saw me full of life and joy and freedom in Him.

Freedom is a gift! Here in America, it probably taken for granted. Freedom from God is even greater and even more taken for granted. Our Heavenly Father delights in His children, He is Spirit, and we are spirits, lets’enjoy being together, and let God be our freedom in any situation. Rebecca Jones

New Each Morning


I woke up the other morning and felt a refreshing calm after a good night’s sleep. I did the same thing this morning after a friend sent me a prayer for sleep. My mind seemed to start clicking with thoughts of what to write about and though there were difficut situations popping up, I really felt it. His peace. His marvelous peace.

My mother was the worst person about this and she will admit it, while driving to work her prayer was to the Lord to help her get through the day, and she did. She dragged along day after day with an overbearing boss, long hours and low pay. Yet, she was a believer with awesome gifts. She was praying amiss and didn’t know it.

Even as her own boss, she overdid it and her long days of working sick and oppressed continued. As I learned from the Word, I taught her some things and she taught me. She loved me and prayed for me. Every time, prayers were being answered, we were under attack, we lost ground. We had to learn about spiritual warfare and rest.

But this day was different last week. Let’s be honest, we all have people we dread seeing or dealing with, and maybe things we wish we didn’t have to do. But it is wishing your life away. But I got up knowing, His mercies were new each morning, for me and everyone else. I knew Jesus had really left me, His peace. It was palatable.

It’s fun getting up in the morning, not worrying if you’re in a t-shirt or dressed up, whether you’re made up or just sitting there with moisturizer. I’m not worried about putting on armor and facing the world. I have the Holy Spirit, a gift from the Prince of Peace, my knight in shining armor, and I’m more than a conqueror because Jesus loves me. He overcame, so will I through Him.

In fact, He already has overcame and so have we if we can just receive. This week we’ve faced down the dragons of family issues, medical conditions. And my mother was able to pray, even if there were those present who didn’t believe in God. I was able to overcome my own symptoms, prepare for an upcoming corporate fast, take care of children, field phone calls, do laundry, and keep writing blog posts.

All because of Him, not me, nothing I do. His mercies are new each morning. I have His peace, I praise him for that. No more help me get through the day, but resting in His promises, I’ve already overcome and your mercies are new every morning.

Please let me pray for you and your sleep,

Father, in Jesus name, thank you for your precious love, unfailing love and power and tender mercies, for they are new each day washing away the cares of yesterday and the uncertainty of tomorrow, because you are there already.  I ask you bless the sleep of your beloveds, with angels arms around them. Cause a deep healing rest to come over them, tonight and every night forward. I pray they believe and receive that healing rest and devliverance if need be. I bind the terrors of the night and every device of the enemy, may they be snared bythe fowlers nets and stumble ine outer darkness forever. May the beloveds sleep 7, 8, or even 10 hrs straight if need be. And let this be our professon of faith. Because of you alone and the gift of Jesus, I can both sleep sound and wake up cheerfully, knowing I have overcome, by His blood and the Word of my testimony. I have rest and I have His peace. Forever. Thank you, Jesus. Rebecca Jones