You See Broken, You Need Rest.


You see broken, you need rest. I see whole. You see puzzle pieces scattered. I see the big picture. You see the past and present, I see the future I planned for you. You see faded dreams and I see new thing, see I’m doing them now and you can’t believe it!

You see pain, lies and hurt, all you’ve suffered at your own bad decisions, your own hands and at the hands of others. You see blame or blame me. I don’t blame you, if you are my child, you walk in white before with clean hands and a pure heart if you are obedient and doing your best to yield to my Holy Spirit. You see injustice, but I AM a just God.

You see the loser, the lost, the broken hearted. I see the champion, the found, the pure in heart. You see the way as rocky but I will make it straight not crooked or stony. You see barrenness and I see bounty.

I see my Son in you, the question is do you? Do others? My Spirit knows you better than you know yourself. Those little things you never thought I noticed about you, the secret longings of your heart. I put them in there, when I birthed you from the womb.

I was knitting you together there, before that you were in heaven with me waiting to be born, I set you there, planned your arrival, rejoiced over you with singing, danced the day you were born.

So you see my anguish at unbelief in a loving Father? You see why I find abortion an abomination, why I wanted marriage to be secure and intimate between one man and woman and I AM to be the head of the house. See my disappointment? Life so fragile, is snuffed out by the enemy at every turn, because some don’t know me, refuse to listen, or are careless and casual about life and accept anything but my best.

Intolerance, indifference, life is a vapor, a fleeting and fragile spirit is in you and without my love and protection, you are vulnerable, easy prey for the wicked one.

You see hate but I AM love. You experience fear, but I AM the Lion of Judah. You see now, I see eternity. You see sickness and disease, I see healing. You see mental anguish, Jesus wore your crown of thorns.

You see burdens, I AM your rest. You see confusion I AM you Peace. You see sadness, I can anoint you with the oil of joy. You taste bitterness, my words are as sweet as honey, and I AM a man who cannot lie by the blood of my Son and the Holy Communion, my promises. Taste and see that I AM good. If the well of your soul runs dry, I Am Living Water. You should never thirst.

You see broken, I see mended. You cry about scars when I would wipe the memory away with joy. And even if you abide in me and I in you, and you see life, I see life more abundantly.  Look at yourself again my child, what do you see? What is your reflection? Look into the glass, the water. Is your image clear? It can be? I am the Lord who heals you, I inscribed you in my palm through the nails in Jesus hands.

Why are you worried? Why are you afraid? Why don’t you see yourself as dear to me as Jesus, do you not know hard it was to look away from that cross? I gave Him for you, now rest. Fall asleep in my love and wake refreshed. I gave up my beloved Son to accept you into the beloved.

Sweetness, Himself, died for you. An innocent Lamb of God. You were created in my image, you should be like Jesus, all different yet the same, not being controlled but let allowing the Holy Spirit to control the things you can not, what do you see? Sin or shame. I turned my back on Jesus for that, What do you see? I see Jesus looking back at me through your eyes, a perfect sacrifice. When I look at you, I remember my Son, He took you place, will you remember that?

What do you see? I see you in My Rest. Rebecca Jones, but I think God wouldn’t mind if I said He wrote this. I pray that my 31 Days of Rest has Blessed you, thank you Crystal Stine and everyone for allowing me to participate again this year. Unsplash photo…Esther Weigardt, thanks. Please enjoy this wonderful video.


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