Take Out the Trickster


I so wanted a white top hat and a lady magician but this will suffice. I thought of the Halloween parties I have thrown for children, I let them wear costumes, some that were inappropriate, but the Lord knew I didn’t have all my wisdom up front, back then and then to the extreme, some parents were dressing them as Bible characters in little pillowcases that looked like tow sacks on slim, blonde 5 yr. and 3 yr. olds. I fell somewhere in the middle.

I knew people who would never participate in Halloween at all, out of fear or just their own beliefs. And those who carried it overboard to church. Just like having an Easter basket, I had a man who would not let his children participate, yet he never married their mother until their daughter was seven. I do believe that over the years churches incorporated pagan traditions in to Christian activities in an effort to stem the revelry or the tricksters, and make it more about treats and candy. My dentist used to ask people to drop it off at her office, rather than indulge cavities.

As an adult, I had to rethink many things. Having the Holy Spirit and gifts to discern is most helpful. I think that since children play in the streets of heaven, He wants them to have fun. It is the responsibility of the parent to teach them right and wrong, that stories are just stories, however there are bad people who do bad things. Watching Snow White the other day made me see that the good and evil seemed obvious to people back then, her sweet voice and forest creatures that followed her, against the backdrop of a beautiful but evil queen, it is not hard to discern.

Yet, many movies and shows blur those lines, making the walking dead fashionable. The gorier the better it would appear, but there is a line between fun and fear, and practices that should not be indulged in to keep away demonice devices and traps set by the enemy. All saint’s day, the day of the dead, we are to celebrate life, not death.

If you miss out on a costume or candy, a neighborhood full of parents and children together for a night enjoying good clean fun, you miss part of being a child. The closer a family is the better. Just be careful what or who you dress up as and what you read and watch and listen to. There are subtle messages, and blatent ones of violence. The Bible itself is full of stories that are horrendous.

If the Holy Spirit leads you to cleanse your house of something that is wrong, do it. You can anoint your home with oil as a believer and take out any presence that is unwelcome or causes strife and arguing. Things that are associated with the occult or memorialize evil should go. If it cause you temptation or sin, get rid of it. Movies, books or CD’s. The Holy Spirit will help you discern as a believer, if you don’t have His power and authority working for you, ask Him. He will lead you.

There are elements of a fallen world and the original curse in everything. Jesus broke it and we are covered by His blood and grace, but we should not take His mercy and sacrifice for granted and enter enemy territory and play his games. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, so let’s have a Hallowed Eve of fun and felowship, lots of ladybugs and bees and butterflies will walk around, cowgirls and boys with no weapons. Even superheros with super powers, but none greater than Jesus. Jesus brought him to naught, let’s do the same taking back fun and family in Jesus name.

We have no need to celebrate death, Jesus overcame it! Let’s celebrate Jesus! Celebrate life and life more abundantly! Angels guard you and keep you safe, Father, send your prescence over you people to protect them, and push back the dark of the enemy. Have fun and stay safe, and take the deceiver, trickster out of your treat. Rebecca Jones / Rhett Wesley Unsplash



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