For The Rest of My Life


Oh, to be loved by my Jesus. To live in His rest the rest of my life is an obtainable goal. I will have to be sure of what He would have me do. I don’t have to worry because He has already made a way. I have done my best to be an obedient daughter.

He would not want me to worry. There is a reason for the 365 fear nots in the Bible, we need one every day. One a day like a vitamin. It must be part of our daily bread we should pray for. Jesus made it clear that we are to take it a day at a time, because He is our manna from heaven. The manna in the wilderness only lasted a day until there was the Sabbath. We are to be walking in the Sabbath Rest, because God finished creation, and rested. Jesus was crucified and resurrected and rested.

The Israelites would not enter. Hebrews 4 makes it plain that we should enter and remain there, Jesus was careful to use the word remain in regard to love, remain in joy, remain in peace. To do this, we have to remain in His rest by believing that He is true to His Word. He was and is the Word, the Great I AM.

He doesn’t lie, make mistakes, nor is He afraid. He doesn’t fail. And best of all His love is eternal, everlasting, He will not leave nor forsake us, ever. While He sees a bigger picture, we can take it day by day and seek His plans for us. It takes prayer, some fasting, He made that easier for me, too.

I always tell my mother that if you love someone, you will make their life easier not harder. That’s what Jesus would love to do. So let’s follow His life plan and get some rest from the weariness and heavy laden church we have become. While I had had others disagree about Him making it easier, I truly believe He does, or else He suffered a lot for nothing and now we do too.

I heard of a woman with a vision of a sleeping bride, it was a long time back and may have reference to the Jews. Of course, this is just my opinion.  I think some may have taken it mean the literal church being asleep as to His return and that it needed to wake up. That also may be true.

But as I was resting and thinking about this I was reminded of Psalm 127: 2. You know it really does no good to get  up early or stay up late. He loves His beloved and let’s her sleep or rest. Rebecca Jones /


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