His Rest Is Heaven On Earth


I’ve already written about how a good night’s rest is helpful, and how the Holy Spirit helps to guard your heart. Or garden it as the case may be, He uproots weeds and sows the seeds of love and waters them. You face people a different way, they see Jesus in you. But there are still those who will attempt to break that peaceful rest off of you.

Once you have labored to have it, don’t let go. He’ll hold you tighter. Release the cares of the world, lust for other things, the deceitfulness of riches, and you will see amazing lightness and healing come over you. Sickness and disease are so related to these things, snares and distractions from the promises of God.

Don’t work yourself ill or worse, God will take care of you, the enemy would say no or try to get you onto finances. But God gets to do wonders, create miracles. He can do far above what ask or we think, it’s important to think like Him, speak like Him, trust in Him. Even Jesus had to rely on the Father.

I can tell you that I run into doubt and unbelief everyday. Worry and struggling was killing me. Literally. I was careful what I said about healing. I confessed it, I believed it. But waiting for it was the wrong thing to do.

Look at it another way. Jesus paid the price on the cross. He saw His work as finished. If you begin to take a different point of view. He sees you healed, delivered and whole. So see yourself the same, even if you are on medicine, immobile, or terminal or in some kind of sinful lifestyle or addiction, just see yourself the way Jesus does.

You have to ask Him in as Lord and surrender you life, ask for His Spirit. He will help you, the more you see yourself differently. You will start to act differently. Take a step, put down that drink, say what the hay. Potty mouths are not the only bad words. There are many disparaging ones. Sow His Word into your heart and spirit, read it, write it, study it, think on good things. Phillipians 4:8

Jesus sees struggles. He is easily touched by our infirmities. But He is not mocked or deceived. That’s why people who start a journey with Jesus will fail miserably if they rely on their own ideas, morality or minimal prayer and Bible knowledge.

If you had given up heaven and your life in such a brutal way, wouldn’t you demand respect, command attention? Wouldn’t you want your children, obedient, well and joyful, wouldn’t you want them to rest peacefully and sing praises to you?

Wouldn’t you want someone to love you? Not for what you did, but just because they wanted to? Not for fear of punishment or just to steer clear of hell and the devil.

So just love Him. He has already done His part our is is just to believe and receive and walk in it. His peace is rest. And His rest is peace. And that rest is heaven on earth. Rebecca Jones


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