Laboring For Rest


It’s a strange phrase about laboring for rest. But it is in Hebrews and also the Old Testament because the Israelites didn’t enter it. We’ve all worked 8,10, or even 12 hour days to get ahead, to pay bills or just to eat. But have we put in a day’s work to rest? I’d say no!

Lately, I have. Even in the hectic pace around me and sometimes miserable attitudes of others, and guarding my own, I secret myself away to pray. Yes, I gave up a lot of television. Truthfully, Jesus is more important and it just doesn’t hold my interest. He does. I know how His healing hand touched my life and made me a whole person again. I know there is truth in Isaiah 53. Not everyone shares my opinion, that’s alright. Go you’re way and I’ll go mine but I have every right to tell anyone who wants to know and believe.

So, I realized that overwork, worry, stress, and cruel attitudes and my sensitivity all played a part. I allowed my heart to get hurt. Now, I guard it. I ask God to guard it. I can’t watch my mouth as well as I like but I asked Him to guard that as well.

And then I’m sitting in my room or go to my prayer closet. I look at pictures, write poetry, listen to music. I rest, I’m not looking back to find my mistakes anymore, I’m looking forward to letting God steer me clear of them. He is my defender, my shield. Nothing will ever separate me from His love. Nothing ever has, not even me and my foibles and faux pas’.

I sleep better, I stopped grinding my teeth, I take naps. I take in the smells of perfumes and lotions. I play fetch with my Yorkie. If something needs cleaning, it will get done. I serve a few paper plate dinners and cook the one pot meals, I make a mean chili.

I have a lot of people who need me and the truth is taking on so much of everyone else’s struggles and letting my own life slide was killing me. I needed love and attention, too. I’m not a maid, not a servant. Even though you hear about having a servant’s heart, and it’s a song I used to sing. Jesus was the servant candle in the center of the menorah. And He lights our spirit as the candle of the Lord.

He wasn’t intimidated, bullied or badgered. Though He was annoyed by people who were pretending to be righteous by the Law, the Pharisees or Sadducees, or others. He chose His words wisely and kept His mouth shut. And that’s a hard thing to do sometimes.

Just rest, it pleases God. He know we have to work but He can give us better days, better jobs, careers or place us at the right place at the right time. Stay sensitive to Him, compassionate and loving, yielded to His perfect will, just rest in the fact that know He loved us so, He knows whats best and the how, when, where and why and even who of it all. Rebecca Jones


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