Whispers of Rest


Whispers of rest come in many forms. God doesn’t have to shout to be heard, although He could and has spoken out. We know so little about the nature of our Abba, Father that we would simply overlook or ignore the peace Jesus left us, and pursue our humdrum and hectic lives.

When a wasp flies into your car, you swat it without hitting the brakes and roll down the windows, hoping not to be stung. But a whisper of rest is my being on the way to the store with a ladybug in tow. I watched it take a seat and enjoy the ride, it moved about a little as if to look out the window, when I got to the store, I took it out and left it on a bush in a new home. The ladybug was at home, a quiet, peaceful , companion that lifted my spirits.

For some lovely reason God chases me with butterflies, a whisper of rest, gentleness, grace and peace. I have mentioned before that I had a hard time a long while back and He sent me two white butterflies as I sat crying. Yellow ones follow me in pairs and dance around outside the window. Just the other day, a beautiful monarch passed me returning from the mailbox, that happens often.

The little things that trickle into our minds and hearts, a memory, a song, or when you get a timely word of encouragement, whisper,rest. We must learn the gift of the Spirit called discernment. I got a pin on my Pinterest board from a lady I  seldom hear from, it took me by surprise. It read,  ” Trust God No Matter What! ” I was taken aback. That wasn’t a whisper of grace, it was shouting and I paid attention.

I wrote her back and thanked her. The two weeks that followed were riddled with trials and attacks, I fought back with praise, staying on my partial fast, and encouraging women every way I could. Now, it’s better.

Come against your attack every way possible and from the opposite side, if the spirit of heaviness comes after you put on your garment of praise. Butterflies and ladybugs are simple reminders of His love, like roses, sunsets, stars. I love all the little ways it looks as if God is smiling on me, even in the hard places. Some people call them God Winks, you can decide a name yourself, just you and the Lord will know, unless you share.

He whispers grace, He whispers, peace and He whispers rest. I love watching sparrows hop around the fast food places with a piece of french fry. They’re not worried, God has an eye on them, and He is grieved if even if one of them falls. So beloved Daughters of the King, if you have to, in order to not give up, look for the little whispers, it may be butterflies for me and something else for you, but He’s whispering rest, and if you have to park in the parking lot of any number or eating places or grocery stores, and watch the sparrows. Rebecca Jones



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