Why Can’t I Rest?


What do you do when you just can’t rest? You work, take care of your family and you fall by the way somewhere between dirty dishes and lost socks. A little light housekeeping helps, and I mean rescheduling things that aren’t as important. Maybe shopping online is easier for some things, rather than a trip to the store.

My shopping is stocking up on laundry detergent, fabric softener and cleaning items, paper towels and toilet paper, and pack the freezer. Limit the grocery store trips, you can always pick up milk and bread.

I gave up those awful talk shows along time ago and those true murder stories. I can’t believe I ever watched some of that garbage television. They are a waste of my time. I like to write better or blog or watch a classic movie or old sitcom. I like music, I like to relax even with classical music, piano is great.

There is no simple answer I can give, except Jesus. And you will have to walk in the Spirit and be obedient. So many of us have not fully surrendered to His perfect will, we are out there gathering handfuls on purpose when He would give us the field, and the husband, like Ruth.

I’d rather get to go to bed early or sleep late. I can be up if I need to be, available to help or encourage women. I love having a gift for words and creativity. I used to not be able to rest, I was always on the go. I learned the hard way, through health problems, that I had to slow down. Even today, I was under an attack of familiar symptoms, pain. I almost cried, I was so tired, and I had not had a busy day.

Because the Lord knows I set my heart on giving Him first place, He was right there as I called on Him. I rested, literally, mentally. You only have His peace or rest if you stay focused on Him. Praying in the Spirit is a must not to fall back into old traps of the enemy.

If you are not familiar with spiritual gifts, ask Him. Read and study the Word on the subject. Believe me, you never want to go to a place of depression, or physical ailments if you don’t have to. The Holy Spirit can warn you, slow you down. God does not put diseases on you but He can take them off, or just keep them away. Better than that, even head them off.

It’s better not to get there in the first place. Jesus loves you, and I want to love you by being truthful, pray in the Spirit as much and as often as you can, and learn discernment. All spirits were created by Him, but some are fallen. And though many do not believe in a literal devil, he’s there just the same. But thankfully the greater one is in us and His name is Jesus and He loves us and desires to give us rest.

Rebecca Jones

Rasca Don / pexels

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