You Can’t Exhaust Jesus!


Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

You can’t exhaust Jesus. I feel like I’ve tried, not on purpose, of course, but just because I have dealt with so much in my life, because I’ve loved so many people, prayed for so many people, struggled with so many people. This verse popped in my e-mail this morning and it is like one of God’s love notes to me. He sees how tired I really am, all the good I’ve tried to do, my fruit, my harvest, my failures.

He comforted me through last night’s tears after a hard day that started out well and took a turn for the worse. He keeps tears, you know, my bottle filled up long ago, so He must a shelf full by now. It is so easy to get weary in well doing, especially if you don’t see your harvest, if you sow seeds that are still in a warm earth, that is about to be colder and hard. Is that the way people’s hearts have become, resisting God and not the devil? Too caught up their own pursuits to listen to the Master’s voice and step out boldly and declare His holy name in a day when people are in desperate need of Him whether they know it or not.

The devil wants more than anything to wear us out, make us quit, give up our callings and gifts. Just because he has nothing to offer and and lost his anointed cherub status, doesn’t mean we have to give up on our lives, our faith, our hopes and dreams that God sowed deep in our hearts.

They are not to be plucked up by the roots even if you feel like you’ve been hit by the lawnmower. If weeds and bad pennies and satan keep popping up, cut them down. How? By leaning into Jesus and resting on His chest like John did. John knew how much he was loved, just like the woman with her alabaster box, Mary.

That box was fragile and broken, so is our lives, as fragile a butterfly wing, a women’s heart was made to be nurturing and an strong, a thing of sacred beauty, maternal. And we have to be careful not to wear out because someone needs us. Like the people who read this far away, I may never see you until I meet you in heaven. But you are my harvest.

So just because we have sown, and not see anything growing, if it appears to have been cut down, bent or broken in a storm, the roots of love are still there, and the devil will never pluck Jesus from our hearts or us from His hand, try as he may. It may be that he exhausts us through others or disappointments or despair. It is his mission to keep me quiet it would appear.

I have seen him take innocent life and I’ve seen people who’ve just handed over their soul, I’ve seen people give in and give up, and I am very human, I know why. But I also know who, who died for me! Who loved me!? Who gives me everything! So it is Him I seek when I am weak He is strong for me, when I am weary in well doing, He’s saying well done. When I am exhausted and could fall asleep after dinner or even without any dinner, I can’t exhaust Jesus, the lifter of my head, He’s why I get up in the morning, and the last name on my lips at night. He is my rest, my peace, I can never and will never exhaust His love. Rebecca Jones

“Grace all-sufficient dwells in you, believer. There is a living well within you springing up; use the bucket, then; keep on drawing; you will never exhaust it; there is a living source within.” Charles Spurgeon via Crystal Storms


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