Ignore the Enemy


Ignore the enemy and rest. To be more precise, ignore the enemy’s voice and rest. Because we are created in the image of God, we are spirits, with a soul and a body. Being a believer and the baptism of the Holy Spirit and gifts of the Spirit cause your soul to come alive. But these gifts or the baptism of fire are not always received in tandem, and often over a period of time.

Such is the case with so many of us that we just get the hang of one doctrine and another one comes along, that sounds right, we’ll travel that road. And we waver, become double minded as James says.Then we’ve forgotten what we’ve learned before and like the child away from school for a summer, we’ve filled our head with fun and forgotten the basics, or through some illnesses, ongoing health problems we’ve begun to doubt healing, and we remember that those that who say there are no miracles and that He  heals some and not others must be right. He’s trying to teach me something or I must have done something wrong.

People who discipline their children in love are not child abusers. If you smack a hand or swat a bottom for correction is one thing, but beating is another thing and totally unacceptable!!! God wants to get your attention with the smack, but He does not abuse His children. He’s is not continually beating us over the head with, ” Look what you did, and I forgave you! ” ” You don’t talk to me unless you’re in trouble! ” or ” I’m gonna get you for that! ”

God is not a verbal abuser either. He draws you with with the ” I love yous. ” Not those that smack of mushy stuff, or the obligatory one because you’re a relative. Oh, my Lord, I’m preaching to myself. God means what He says, maybe that’s why I’m careful with my ” I love yous. ” I used to sign birthday cards, back in the day, Love, Becky. Then one birthday I got one, Love, ……. . From then on I personalized it, now I add verse and I write, ” Forever Young. ” If you can, add cash or a gift certificate do it. It seemed so trite, just a poor lonely little card. I tend to over do, but isn’t that what Jesus did? He over paid! We weren’t worth it, but He thought we were.

My trouble came with the who and how to help. Some people will not accept the poetry and music of the Lord’s love. Some will not be lovingly discplined with the proverbial little smack or slap on the wrist. Remember, God is never trying to hurt you, He wants to slow you down, talk to you, He wants you to listen to Him, it was Jesus who took punishment. But I kept trying. I’ve seen people go way down wrong roads, I’ve death when people didn’t have to die. If only they listened to God.

I know people think God allows things to happen, and He does, but…yes, there’s a but. He sent Jesus to die and regain the authority of Adam as a believer we have it. We don’t have to listen to the lies. ” You’re no good. ” “You’re not going to make, it. ” All the reminders of what you’ve done, if you repented, it’s under the blood. If Jesus forgives you, forgive yourself. That’s why people wind up worse than before, sicker that ever, even more addicted, bound, doing more time. They swept the house, but did not keep it cleaned with His Word, and back come the demons, seven times worse.

It’s not mind reading, it’s perception or deception. It’s not mind control, it’s a fruit of the Spirit called self control. It’s not commission but ommison, that’s what got me a lot of the time. God will admonish you with words, and that’s one carpet you don’t to be called on.

Please understand that this is years of study and wisdom from the Holy Spirit to me, you must learn discerment, the casting down of imaginations, many things the Bible teaches you as a spiritual book. Many people attempt to copy that ” feeling ” of  something they experienced, but Only the Holy Spirit can touch you in that way, please don’t seek drugs for highs or as a form of worship which I have heard that some do though it is bizarre to me, the occult is not the same and opens dangerous and deadly doors.

But if you are a believer and study and practice your faith, He will help you. God is a loving Father, He gave up His most precious Son for us. I have heard some say no one would do that and there a story of a man who, on a boating trip faced the choice between saving his son or the friend who was not a believer. Knowing that his son would go to heaven, he saved the friend. At a service an old man was called on after the story was doubted, I’m the father, he said, and the minister added, I’m the friend. That’s  the kind of love God is. Never doubt that, it an enemy’s lie. Ignore him, his ugliness, filth, and vile, on television, in the movies, music, in your head and heart.

There are too many alternatives, too many good stories to read, to many people to reach, too much good to do, too many lives to touch and make a difference in before His return. We’re running out out of time.

Ignore His voice, God’s and fail. Ignore his voice, the wicked one who has been judged and is fallen forever, and rest, rest in His peace. Rest in arms of a loving Father who has adopted you. Love, Becky and oh, no…..

Let me love you with a prayer,

Father let your daughters and sons hear your voice today and everyday, let them discern wisely and open their hearts and hearing to you. Silence the wicked one, with rest and peace of your loving presence. There is no one like you, no love like your love. We’ve all been smacked with somethng you had to allow because we we’re not listening, but you admonish us with firm words, and love us with tender ones. Too many lives are being lost and all lives matter, I know it breaks your heart if even one soul does not accept your love, I bind the devil’s deceptions against parents and give them strength to love and discipline their children, before it’s too late. In Jesus name, Amen.


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