New Each Morning


I woke up the other morning and felt a refreshing calm after a good night’s sleep. I did the same thing this morning after a friend sent me a prayer for sleep. My mind seemed to start clicking with thoughts of what to write about and though there were difficut situations popping up, I really felt it. His peace. His marvelous peace.

My mother was the worst person about this and she will admit it, while driving to work her prayer was to the Lord to help her get through the day, and she did. She dragged along day after day with an overbearing boss, long hours and low pay. Yet, she was a believer with awesome gifts. She was praying amiss and didn’t know it.

Even as her own boss, she overdid it and her long days of working sick and oppressed continued. As I learned from the Word, I taught her some things and she taught me. She loved me and prayed for me. Every time, prayers were being answered, we were under attack, we lost ground. We had to learn about spiritual warfare and rest.

But this day was different last week. Let’s be honest, we all have people we dread seeing or dealing with, and maybe things we wish we didn’t have to do. But it is wishing your life away. But I got up knowing, His mercies were new each morning, for me and everyone else. I knew Jesus had really left me, His peace. It was palatable.

It’s fun getting up in the morning, not worrying if you’re in a t-shirt or dressed up, whether you’re made up or just sitting there with moisturizer. I’m not worried about putting on armor and facing the world. I have the Holy Spirit, a gift from the Prince of Peace, my knight in shining armor, and I’m more than a conqueror because Jesus loves me. He overcame, so will I through Him.

In fact, He already has overcame and so have we if we can just receive. This week we’ve faced down the dragons of family issues, medical conditions. And my mother was able to pray, even if there were those present who didn’t believe in God. I was able to overcome my own symptoms, prepare for an upcoming corporate fast, take care of children, field phone calls, do laundry, and keep writing blog posts.

All because of Him, not me, nothing I do. His mercies are new each morning. I have His peace, I praise him for that. No more help me get through the day, but resting in His promises, I’ve already overcome and your mercies are new every morning.

Please let me pray for you and your sleep,

Father, in Jesus name, thank you for your precious love, unfailing love and power and tender mercies, for they are new each day washing away the cares of yesterday and the uncertainty of tomorrow, because you are there already.  I ask you bless the sleep of your beloveds, with angels arms around them. Cause a deep healing rest to come over them, tonight and every night forward. I pray they believe and receive that healing rest and devliverance if need be. I bind the terrors of the night and every device of the enemy, may they be snared bythe fowlers nets and stumble ine outer darkness forever. May the beloveds sleep 7, 8, or even 10 hrs straight if need be. And let this be our professon of faith. Because of you alone and the gift of Jesus, I can both sleep sound and wake up cheerfully, knowing I have overcome, by His blood and the Word of my testimony. I have rest and I have His peace. Forever. Thank you, Jesus. Rebecca Jones


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