The Fragrance of Rest


There is a sweet aroma to Christ. Just His love that permeates the atmosphere of the room, Jesus is altogether, beautiful and lovely. There is no darkness in Him, no shadow of turning in God , the Father of lights, the giver of good gifts.

Jesus, the way, the truth and the life. The sweet aroma of love and peace that lingers in the prescence of the beloved Son and settles into the heart and soul. There is a fragrance to His rest.

What is His rest? Knowing His unconditional love. And that He loves you in spite of your shortcomings. The love that is unfathomable and deep. He can change your minds and hearts, He can lay bare a soul and take away and forgive sin. He can and will heal, no matter what you have heard. His love is deeper still than any therapy, surgery or natural remedy.

He is the Savior, Healer and He is the only one who can love that deeply as rid things from a heart that has been broken, a soul, abused and wounded. He can give love to the unloved, even the unlovely. He cares for the greatest believer and the worst of sinners. He turned around Paul, He was raised from the dead in a sense, the miracles He performed were so many they could fill more than a few books called the gospels.

We must realize the He is God and He is in control. He is love pure and simple. Pure grace, pure peace, pure love. That’s why the sweetness of His love is fragrant and palatable. Notice the following verse calls Him, the Christ, the anointed one. He gave up His life to give that anointing back to us. That is why the devil hates believers and women in particular. We wear perfume, but our anointing is that of the Christ. It is a sweet smell, that drowns the devil’s stench. The rose of Sharon, smells of roses, the Lily of the Valley, lilies, how powerful is His love and how powerful is the fragrance of His love. Whatever you wear, wear love and Jesus perfume you. Rebecca Jones / Beatrice Perez Moya / Unsplash, thanks.

Therefore become imitators of God as beloved children, and go on walking in love, just as the Christ offered Himself up a sacrifice to God as a sweet smelling odor. Ephesians 5:1,2   ( some translations  say savor )


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