A Day of Rest


A day of rest. We all know about that. Sunday used to be for church and family dinners. Small town America rolled up the sidewalks. There were no stores open. I suppose it wasn’t much different elsewhere, people went to mass, church bells rang. Don’t you miss that? The slower pace of things, that people actually talked instead of texted? I do.

I used to plan things, family dinners, Christmases, birthdays. I hated that something always went wrong. I’ll spare you details, except that I had lunch on my 50th birthday with my mother who had a cough and sinus infection, but at least wanted to be with me.

I know now, that everything didn’t have be just so, I am a perfectionist and not ashamed of it. Jesus gave me the best and I want to do my best. Yes, I back off, but never settle. I know the enemy sent things to drive away, distract and he intended to destroy my life, and he does yours. When we’re tired, hurt, or angry or scared. We’re out of rest. Out of our sound mind. Or like they say in the south out of you’re cotton picking mind.

When we are overworked or overwrought or distracted, we don’t see the sniveling little weasel sneaking in. But when we’re fresh and faithful, we can set that fox tail on fire, the fire of the Holy Spirit will burn him, singe him send him running.

God finished His work and rested, so did Jesus, so should  we work or labor to acquire the free gift of rest. The rest Jesus redeemed us for, the rest people would not recieve and went wandering in the wilderness. Hebrews 4 goes into detail.

I used to go to church with people so legalistic that they would not approve or working on Sunday. Jesus understands if you have to. These same people would not want to go to pizza place because they served beer.  So, my answer was, do you stop doing to the grocery store? I know there is no perfection outside of Jesus. he covers us so many ways. There should be no reason that we should not be resting in Him. Not wrapped in legalism. Trapped in bondage or fear. Not defeated but conqueror. More than…..

I long for that day of rest, it should have started when I first accepted Jesus. If fact, it did. But I had to learn the hard way, rest. Now I can’t live without it. I feel very weak at times, but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me. He lets me rest. So my weaknesses make Him my strength and that is power, even when you at rest. Rebecca Jones



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