Called To Rest


Daria Shevstova

We may be new creatures in Christ, like the butterfly analagy. But why to we take ourselves so seriously or lightly. I had a self depricating sense of humor. I was so used to being on the backside of everything, when someone said something hurtful. I made fun of me too. I was just hurting myself more, and worse agreeing with the enemy and I didn’t know it.

Oh, I knew I was supposed to be the head and not the tail, blessed coming and going. But I never saw myself as God’s masterpiece, the work of His hand, His daughter, His child, or His beloved. I didn’t know He was pleased with me already, and all that I did, just because of that and the price Jesus paid for this diamond in the rough, that tried to put on the spit and polish herself, and failed miserably, believing I was invisible, a nobody, a stick in the mud. How silly is that when God, El Roi, the God who sees, saw Hagar, surely He saw me?

The Holy Spirit stopped me cold on the road driving home to Atlanta one day a long time ago, when I was thinking about the nobody scenario, the words, ” You’re not a nobody if God’s got you. “, rang through my soul. I drove on with my rented Christian tapes.

Yes, I’ve been studying a long time and I was petrified of computers, still believing the enemy, and knowing how much I loved to write, I let the writing go on hold, waiting for the “one day “. I’m glad I didn’t wait too long. I’m so happy if I have ventured out and helped even one person, but I know it’s more than that.

I may not know anything about some high tech gadgets, I might get the IPOD/IPAD thing sometime. Nothing is impossible for Him, though it is for me. But He works things out when I accept His great love and rest in it. We are called to rest, just as much as to praise or worship or minister or whatever He want us to do.

Resting in His peace is a calling. We are called out, ” ecclesia “, the chosen ones. Yes many are called. And they accept the calling, but I have to believe that being chosen is for everyone but only a few ever step out of the boat and walk on the water to Jesus without looking down and drowning, doubting, reaching for Him, and climbing back into the boat, never to step out again. Settling, struggling, never at rest, not at all in His peace.

If the Lord meant what He said that He left us His peace and that we are to labor for His rest, don’t you think it is really a commandment? Like to love one another? We strive and struggle and I’m not sure I can even name the all Ten Commandments, which Paul does refer to as the ministry of death, by the way. That’s Old Covenant and I’m not dismissing them, but Jesus fulfilled the law and the prophets and gave a better covenant and better promises, and He is High Priest.

Abraham brought tithes to Melchisedek, and I think we should give and be a cheerful giver, but it is Jesus who gave and is still giving. The Father rewards those that diligently seek Him. Love and not going to the place of torments would have been enough for me, but that only me struggling with things I did not understand about the Lord, but His Holy Spirit reveals the heart of God if you choose rest, and He will lavish you with love, and you will see why you’re not a nothing or a nobody.

This is not some sort of self help, postiive thinking, that didn’t work for me, and it’s more than the name it a claim it,this is love pure and simple, and your canvas will be cleaned and preserved is the masterpiece beneath, signed by the very hand of God.

And your diamond in the rough will be cut by the ultimate jeweler, the one who created them and hid them the earth and established the foundations of heaven with them. Cut to perfection, brilliant, flawless and priceless. You are a diamond, girl. Not a selfish, petulant, prima donna, but a Daughter of the King, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. And you are no stick in the mud because a cross was wedge between heaven and earth and the man who loved you most died there for you! If He says rest, He means it, He holds you in the palm of His hand. and you are called to rest. Rebecca Jones/ Daria Shevstova, lovely photo, thank you.


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