Why You Need To Rest


Rest is something we all need. God’s love is so different. So is His rest. It’s not just eight hours of sleep that most people probably don’t even get. And so many women suffer from fibromyalgia, and other things that cause them to lose sleep.

Technology keeps us awake. It used to be just the late show but now its telephones and social media. I don’t like having every personal minute so accounted for, so I guess I’m immune to that, even though I love to blog and pin on Pinterest. I like fooling with art programs and I hope to learn animation.

This refreshing rest comes from Jesus. As a believer and having the Holy Spirit, you can choose to rest, if you can relax, meditate on Scripture or pray in the Spirit. You are in the beloved and He will give you rest, He promised in Matthew 11:28 and He keeps His Word, the question then is, do we?

During the 21 day fast, I gave up some Pinterest time. What I did do though, when I was hungry was to sit down and go through my Rest Your Wings board. It was peaceful and calm. I put in pretty pictures, relaxing verses. It’s like being at the spa, without some of the New Age trappings. It took my mind off food and put it on Jesus, it was like doing lunch with the Lord in a manner of speaking. I was sharing quiet time. And while some people used fasting as a means to lose weight, and I needed to, that was never my intent. I only wanted to love Him for what He has blessed me with. If I lose weight or not from this or not, I still hold onto healing, I believe obesity falls under Isaiah 53.

I did a few things I needed to work on some laundry and before I knew it I wasn’t just staring at a bag of Doritos. I could actually eat, it is only a partial fast. God wants us fit and healthy but people on Mediterranian diets die, heavy people die, thin people die. And a lot of it is due to sleep deprivation, overwork, and being stressed. God wants us to be blessed.

Ask Him how you can get a good night’s sleep. Do you need to  give up something? Or just snuggle up next to your husband. God created intimacy.  Work and children, travel can take away from your intimacy with each other. Two believers in love with each other and the Lord make quite a team, and your family will benefit from rested, blessed parents. Rebecca Jones



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