Rest and Recover


Jesus wants us “labor” for the rest of faith in Hebrews 4. It’s interesting that the word “labor” is used, and used for childbirth. It’s a struggle, something you have to fight for. In Luke 11:13, Jesus tells us that Father will give us the Holy Spirit if we ask. It is prefaced by calling people”evil.” When He is called good, He says none is good but God to demonstarate His humanity, though He did not sin, He could have.

Interesting, though the word “evil “has Greek orgins that can also be used as ” labor “. Of course, there’s nothing evil about having children. It’s the pain, the struggle, the labor, all of it put on women as a result of Eve’s sin. I wish she’d have repented, but she was probably terrified, which is fear, the enemy, the devil.

Jesus did not mince words, although there is hidden meaning in the parable. That’s why we study. So this is what He wants us to do ” labor ” for rest. Why? Because it’s not natural for us anymore in a fallen world. He’s not telling us not to work, but that we should not have to struggle so.

God has a good plan for every life. He will bless it as much as He can, but we must strive for that rest, the confidence in His death and resurrection, and the knowledge that He was our perfect grain offering, our Lamb, our sacrifice.

I’m not saying He made it easy but He did make it possible, it’s not possible with us, but it is with Him. And He’s wih us and in us and for us, so as we ” labor ” for His rest, it gets easier.

And of course He wants us to work, but that too, had ” evil ” attached to it from Adam’s curse. He wants to bless us and the works of our hands. He was crucified for this, for both men and women. As believers, it should be broken, but why isn’t it? We’ve got to “labor” for His rest.

And that struggle is what produces the evil in our lives, but also gets us to His rest if we learn. Jesus blood dropped on the ground in Gethsemane. His heart was broken for a fallen creation, for fallen men and women, past, present and future. He loves us so. He bore such pain, excruciating horror! Is it too hard to believe, He wants us rested and recovered healthy and whole, with careers and positions, and sweet babies that are a gift fom God? It’s our choice.

Many of us never recover from abuse, trauma, divorce disease or loneliness. So many people have depression and addictions, they are seeking the wrong things. Turn around the enemy’s plan and let’s rest and recover.

Hospitals may want to get you in and out or make you wait in an emergency room, but Jesus will always be on call. Please get some rest and recover. Recovery angels are on their way. Rebecca Jones


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