Restoring the Rest of Eve


I’ve been studying rest for a while. It’s hard to rest. we all have things we think we should be doing. Something needs dusting or put away. There’s a guilt if we stop or the house is not just so. You should have seen my fiasco when a minister dropped by unexpectly to invite us to his church.

Sometimes, if it’s not your own guilty conscience, something we don’t need or shouldn’t carry as a believer, it’s the people around us, who think you don’t need sleep, rest or a second helping of dinner. God made our bodies to heal themselves and sometimes you are hungrier, I often have an apple craving, so that’s what I eat. And nothing beats a peanut butter sandwich, even if it is after Other people try to set your clock and body by theirs and their mindset. They will make you feel guilty, and then there’s the enemy.

Never let someone dictate to you. If you’re  a mother. You need a break and your husbsnd and children should know and respect that. Make yourself a bathtime, at least once a week, a couple of hours to soak, sit or lie down. Listen to music, read or pray.

Give your husband the same opportunity, then together time family time, mother daughter day and so on, whatever works for you, to soothe you, calm you, relaxes you and puts you into your prayer closet. I am a big fan of praying together, if not daily as regularly as possible.

I think husbands and wives have to be in agreement for God to truly bless them. Personally, I would pray over everything. If you have a situation where that’s not possible ask the Holy Spirit to help you come to that place.

If you care to scroll back down the blog you can read about the war on women, I believe,as a whole and throught the Body of Christ, He is calling an end to that war, which the enemy declared on Eve.

Jesus came and broke curses and bore every conceivable horror. He loved women, they followed Him, ministered to Him, anointed Him. And by the same token, He’s following us, ministering to us and anointing us as a force to be reckoned with in these last days before His return.

As we come into Rosh Hashanah, let’s realize the severity of the enemies attack. Stand for your healing and deliverance. Stand for your marriages and children. The devil would break you if he could, use your spiritual authority to pray and overcome. Don’t let dreams or visions for your life or calling die out, when he wants them to live.

Our spirit is His candle and the Holy Spirit fire keeps it burning like the wise virgins, we await the bridegroom. We are warriors, but we fight on our knees, and we can be still and know God and see victory. Or we can walk away, be deceived like Eve. Many of us have been.

Instead of blaming Eve, for a mistake we might of made. And we’ve all done it. Probably, at least once a month or when you’ve had children. Let’s help restore her rest to the body of Christ. She had no worries or cares. No health problems, and she didn’t have a thing to wear! Except His glory!

Let’s ask Jesus for the rest He wants us to have. His rest, His peace that He gave His life for us to have. Let’s desire the rest of Eve. Adam fell, but Jesus is called the second Adam. With a bridegroom like that how could we fail? But we do, He understands, He knows how much we need a perfect Adam. He was perfect. But Jesus still is. I pray we rest in His holy peace. Rebecca Jones




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