Let Jesus Love You


Let Jesus love you, really love you. As you read this, let Him love you. He loves you so deeply that it goes through your soul. It embraces your heart. His words settle into your spirit and you memory recalls them as your need to. The oil of the Holy Spirit is like a balm that settles over you. A warm massaging oil that goes deep into your skin, an anointing that goes deep and warms, soothing and tired aching muscles.

He nourishes you as you pray in the Spirit to refresh yourself. He’s a warm sun on your back and a gentle breeze that whisks away the cares of the day. And He the cool that floats over you again and again. He lifts you higher and higher into holy and secret places in your soul. You are His beloved, flawless and brilliant because He is your beloved.

Only Jesus can love us perfectly through the power of His Spirit. For He was and is God’s own Son sent to pay the ultimate price for us, because He loves us. I can’t imagine it. I can’t comprehend it. I can’t fathom the depths of His love.

He’s the fragrance of the rose. He’s the tenderness or a love like no other. He listens, He cares, He’s interested in the least little things. He’s wonderful, marvelous, counselor, the blessed Prince of Peace.

He causes all pain, torment, fear to cease. If we can only keep that perfect presence, walk in it. Walk in the Spirit and in love as He is love. He is faithful and true. He is perfect peace if we keep our mind on Him.

It’s grace, it’s a state of grace. It’s my desire for it to be a permanent state of grace, not just an intimate time of prayer or prayer and fasting. We want to be Hepzibah, He delights in us. We want the oil of joy for mourning, a spirit or garment of praise  for the spirit of heaviness.We desire beauty for ashes. We have sat in them our clothes ragged and rent and cried out to God in our despair and He heard.

He robed us in righteous white robes and bathed us in His glory. He leads us gently beside still waters to restore our souls and we are deeply rooted in His Word. We seek His excellence in marriage, ministry, and a holy matrimony between hubands, wives and Creator. Let Him love you. Rest, rest in Him. You’ve been through enough, let the one who died to make you free, free you indeed. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty, freedom, fearlessness.

Rest, little butterfly, rest. Rest, little sparrow, rest. Rest in the Lord. Rebecca Jones



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