I Will Give You Rest


Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Last year, I had the priviledge of participating in the 31 Day Writing Challenge hosted by Crystal Stine at In Courage, I thought about my theme and it was inspired by the Lord, Searching for the Prince of Peace.

This year, I decided to write a few posts in advance and the theme came easily. Resting In His Peace, I think many people are like me. Maybe, you have had a health problem that lingered or a financial one or both, or maybe, it was a longing of your heart that had not been fulfilled.

Have you like Hannah wanted a child? A career, have you been unable to use your college degree? Did you rack up debt only to be unable to find a position? I do not have a degree but here I am, an end times Esther, having fasted. Here with many other women and thier graces, gifts and callings, for such a time as this. Many of us have struggled. Jesus wants to banish that and replace our fears and failure with peace and freedom. It comes only from Him. The more we work on our problems, poor butterflies, He watches us become unraveled. But when we rest in Him, His peace. He can give us answers we’d never think of or dream of.

The life I dreamed of having was a distant memory. Forgotten by my family, lost to my soul through years of hurt and disappointment. Oppression that the enemy sent to decieve and delay a beautiful plan that God ordained. My life. Happiness drifted in and out of it but where was joy? His joy, it was short lived at times. His peace? I never had time for that, had no idea what it was and resting in Him was a foreign concept, but something I had to learn, trust, depend on in order to recover the person He created me to be.

I tried to walk the footsteps in the sand, those of Christ, it seemed to have swallowed me. There were times He carried me, and times He followed. But was always drawing and leading me along. He was waiting for me to rest, so He could take over. I felt as if I was collapsing under the weight of the cross, when He had carried it for me.

He could not give me rest when I could not or would not let Him. I was tired. I was weak. I was exhausted. I was beyond exhausted. I made myself rest. I left housework. I left things undone and took naps. I prayed. I fasted, not the forty day stuff, the give up a meal a day or Pinterest.  I took Communion, everyday, more than once a day if necessary. I needed His healing, His strength, His deliverance, His peace, His joy. Jesus had already died for me to have this.

And I did have it, but it seemed every move I made caused the enemy to slap me back down. I was battle weary, but victorious in Him alone.  I was working to hard for something He did . Struggling with something He writhed in agony on a cross for. He did not deserve punishment, I did not deserve rest. Be it was His desire for me to have it. Psalm 127:2 says He gives sleep to the beloved. I never even realized I was His beloved, but I knew He was mine.

Everytime I came to Him, He gave it. But resting in His peace, is one thing, remaining in His peace, quit another, we all have people to deal with, I have learned to avoid those who appear to drain you. It’s time to reread the words of Christ, He chose them carefully, repeating His Father. He uses the word remain, He wants us to rest in Him, remain in rest and keep our love, joy and peace. Let’s all rest in His peace.

I’m looking forward to another month of growing in Him. I hope you benefit from my words and seek His rest.

Rebecca Jones


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