We Need Our Mothers


We all need our mothers, I was in prayer and the Holy Spirit put these words in my heart.  ” We don’t want lose our mothers. ” At the time, my mother was at the hospital praying for her sister in law. I have relatives in their seventies. I’m sure many of you do. But I am so blessed that my mother at 73, is going stronger than ever, she has overcome so many battles with Jesus at her side.

I won’t go into detail, but it includes a divorce, being told she had stage 4 breast cancer, I prayed for her. She had no cancer, but needed a hysterectomy from overwork and stress, anxiety. Many of the same things all women may face.

Women, especially, older women, have a people pleasing atttitude. My mother was one of these women. She was an easy target for the enemy to let people take advantage of that good nature. Now she has learned about the rest of the Lord. We all need to. We are His beloved and need to rest in Him.

Women struggle with depression, fear, anxiety. All of which Jesus wants us to cast on Him.They’ve had abortions, miscarriages, had to put children in foster care or give them up for adoption. They’ve looked to affairs, alcohol, and self medicated. They go to chat rooms and casinos,

And they go to church, are pillars of the community, teachers, pastor’s wives. And yet, they suffer. Jesus does not want us to get into self condemnation. He wants us to genuinely love each other from the heart.  Many women appear to have it all together and are oppressed more than we know.

Maybe, we have tried to have it all. And maybe we have let things slip. Perhaps, our priorities have been in the wrong order, Jesus, needs to be first. Rest in Him.  We don’t want to lose our mothers and there is no reason we should just because of getting older. Don’y buy the enemies lie that you always get dementia. We are the Esthers for sucha time as this, we could be ushering in the Millenial Reign of Christ in the near future.

We are the Ruths, gleaning and working for our mothers, mother in laws and aunts. Jesus is our Boaz, our kinsman Redeemer, He bouught us at a high price, ransoming many. He is the healer, restorer, deliverer. And we are His beloved, His bride. As our Boaz, He leaves us handfuls on purpose, and we gather and glean from His Word and put it on our tables for our families, and bless it. We wait for Him to take us to His banqueting table.

” We don’t want lose our mothers. ” Make sure your mothers and family members know Jesus, not just know about Him. I pray they call upon His name. Let’s be women who know we don’t need to compete. Maybe, you don’t like what I do. Maybe, I don’t like what you do. But we all have many gifts from the same Lord, different, yet the same calling to encourage one another in love. We’re not silly school girls fighting over a crush, Jesus can love us all completely, and He’s the only one we can trust to. Rebecca Jones


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