No Time For Jesus?


We make time for the things we love. Shopping, dinners out, a movie. We make time for the people we love, parents are always taxi-ing children somewhere. Women will go out of their way for a girl’s night out or to do lunch and men have to have a sporting event, or a bowling night. So what about Jesus? We love Him, we should make time for Him.

I thought about this while doing this 21 day fast. Jesus gave up everything for me and I’m happy about doing this because He has helped me and it is easier. He gives me everything, yet, I feel like I give Him nothing in return. He doesn’t really expect anything but love in return and that we do as He asks. Love one another, pray for one another, encourage each and and build one another up. He doesn’t need it. People do.

When I really delved into faith with the purest of motives and innocence of child like faith, it was like people left me, I was an orphan. I called someone who used to visit me, we went to eat, to the mall. She was too busy. Not once, lots of times. I phoned her recently, did she return the call? No. Did her mother give her the message? I don’t know. Other people were getting into computers, my cousin helped some, but I felt alone in that as well. When my mother wanted to take classes at the library, that fell through.

I had people who thought I was crazy, for having faith or just crazy, period. I’m not sure which. The latter one was plausible because, if I didn’t do what you wanted to do or agree with you, even faith people, they didn’t have time for me. Oh, my Lord, am I becoming like Jesus? I hope so!

People wanted Him when they needed something, were curious, or maybe out of obligation to hear a prophet. I get prayer requests. But I also get the brush off, I feel like a telemarketer, kidding aside, I feel like Jesus. I get lonely, if you don’t want to hear about Jesus, you certainly won’t to hear problems or do you? Do they?

He gave out so much more than He ever got from anyone, even if they were a faithful follower, thankful or a beloved disciple. He gave out so much dunamis, power or virtue, that He sought lonely places to pray, and be with His Father.

Was Jesus lonely? I’m sure He was. But He loved people anyway, He told the disciples that He had meat they didn’t know of, giving to others made Him strong. He said that we didn’t live by bread alone, and we don’t. We need to include Him in our day. So when you are looking at that little Communion wafer, remember what He really did. He was a grain offering, like pounded pure flour, He was scourged. So yes, He loves giving to those who will receive, Where are the other nine? Only one leper returned. I want to be the one, thankful not thankless.

When  I was a young girl, I went to church on Sunday. Two or three hours tops, and then off to the all you can eat buffet, that was about the same time. Now that seems ridiculous. Giving up a little food on a partial fast makes you think of the purity of a Savior who could take all that punishment for forty days. And even so much more, to make my life easier? Because He loves me? I was always seeking and learning, but He has my undying devotion and undivided attention.

No time for Jesus? He’s waited a long time for us. Rebecca Jones

Intentionally Pursuing


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