An Eye For An Eye


Most of us have heard the phrase an eye for an eye and in Old Testament times you could go after someone who took your sheep or wife or whatever. The death penalty was in effect for many crimes. There were cities of sanctuary, because sometimes a murder might be self defense. Justice was swift and laws upheld. That’s why we should run to Jesus, for He is merciful. And He knows hearts, He not a jailhouse Jesus, He knows true repentence brings change.

Jesus came and ushered in grace and truth and while there remains consequences for our actions, you can’t hang a horsethief or fight it out like the Hatfields and McCoys. You can’t start throwing rocks or yell about your neighbors splinter when you have a plank in your eye. Jesus taught love.

But sometimes, if it weren’t so serious, it would be laughable, feeling like a game show contestant and someone about to yell, ” Let’s start the Family Feud!” Name five things that get people worked up.

Politics, faith, money, love lives, and their children. I’m not even going into politics except to say that a woman president isn’t the worst thing that could happen. A Spirit filled one, would be even better. Faith, it seems you can talk about anybody but Jesus. It wasn’t really God who was kicked out of school but Jesus. Money is a dividing factor, owe someone and see friendships falter.

Love lives, I try not ot meddle, but I heard the other day, that it takes someone who cares to meddle. I can only offer sound Biblical advice. We need to display the fruits of the Spirit in our lives in all ways. And children, only an evil person goes after a child to be wicked or hurtful to a parent, but it infuriates some parents if correct a misbehaving child.

Grace is undeserved favor, merit and mercy. Grace is not a free pass to sin willingly or not receive or pass along experience, wisdom and discipline, even tough love. If you know someone who is unreasonable toward you and you can’t talk to them rationally. Just pray for them. Do we really pray for our enemies? Are we really sure who they even are? We are reluctant to face diagreeable family members, unsaved loved ones, and people who mock faith, nevertheless we must pray for the poeple to see God’s love, whether we deem them enemies or not.

” I’ll get you for that. “, ” I’ll show you, you’ll see! ” Love doesn’t keep score and that’s not getting you anywhere. It’s like arguing with a three year old. Let God be just and our avenger and no more Family Feuds. Rebecca Jones


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