Raising The Dead


Funny title for a post? Not if you’re in need of prayer. Jesus raised the dead and so did Peter. Smith Wigglesworth and others in more modern times. I even once read of a man who was a missionary and when  a young man died, the Lord say to pray for Him. The man did not, I suppose for fear that he could not. For a long time he lived with tremendous guilt, concerned the young man went to hell. It took a long time for hime to go back to the mission fields. with his wife’s encouragement.

I knew a boy whose father died, shortly after he was saved. He was so afraid his father was in hell, it wreaked havoc on his young life. I have prayed for many people and I always pray for Jesus to give them every last chance. For the worst story I ever heard of life and death came from my grandfather, it probably happened in the sixties. One of his friends was a notorious drinker, I think he lived a rough lifestyle. I was really surprised at my grandfather’s doings as well. He died when I was seventeen, but he got saved.

Anyway, his friend Jess, lay dying. His drunken cronies at his side. Suddenly, he was saying the devil was in the window laughing at him. When a little while had passed, he was saying his feet were in the fire. And my grandfather left, although he’d heard about Jesus. He didn’t say anything either. No one knew or had the where with all to tell him to call on Jesus. It is the saddest story. I told it to a neighbor, she agreed. So I would encourage anyone to be ready to witness.

For since their rejection meant that God offered salvation to the rest of the world, their acceptance will be even more wonderful. It will be life for those who were dead! Romans 11:15 Now this verse refers to the Jews rejecting Jesus, and the Gentiles being grafted in and His plan to bring the Jews back in.

But it is clear that Jesus is saying through the Holy Spirit and Paul that being saved is giving life to the dead. Not making people who are bad, good. But changing dead spirits to living ones. Remember, how He told a disciple to let the dead bury the dead. It’s the same principle. He came to give abundant life and the thief, comes to kill and destroy. So don’t let him, use you spiritual authority over him and the name of Jesus.

While you may never actually have to raise the dead, though it is possible, that’s what we are doing when we bring someone to Jesus, pray for their healing. Or just cheer them up, when the devil is stealing their joy. In a day when people dismiss heaven and hell, and Jesus and even some satanists don’t really believe in the devil, what do we expect?

Our culture and entertainment is filled with violence and while that is not the cause of everything, it contributes. The Bible is filled with just as many stories of wicked people. You can find good and evil coexisting. But good will always prevail, God always wins.  He never fails, love never fails. But he warned against being carnally minded, it is death and so many people are fascinated with it, flirt with it and fear it. All of which are bad.

I recently read about a suicide that was glamorized in the press but it wasn’t glamourous, it was a waste. It was a young life cut short. I almost watched the story over, but I felt the Holy Spirit’s influence not to.  I just didn’t need to see it. I am careful what I watch. If people think they are in a dead end job, being dead could be worse, if you’re not a believer. And it’s eternal. And even if you are a believer, Jesus paid a high price and overcame it so hold on help is on the way if you just ask and believe. Rebecca Jones


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