The Perfect Adam



Have  you ever really thought about  Adam? No, seriously. We think of him as blaming Eve and willfully sinning, and the fig leaves but what about Adam, ladies? Really? He was a perfect man. He walked with God. He met with Jesus in the cool of the day. He was bathed in glory. They ate, swam, walked and talked and made plans, and made love. We just really don’t realize how perfect life was with God in the Garden. He tended flowers and sheep and everything. The streams were pure. The rives clear, the fruit ripe and bountiful. If a dinosaur walked by, he would tell it to move and it obeyed. There was no death. The animals weren’t killing each other. Butterflies danced with hippos and ladybugs with lions.

He was Eve’s perfect mate. He was like Jesus, in His image. But he had a choice and made a bad one. If he had not done it someone else would have. Adam will not be secluded in heaven, we will see him. And we won’t be hunting he and Even down to blame them, how could we? It could have been us.

The perfect Adam, the second Adam, Jesus came to redeem us. He was crucified for us. He rose from the dead for us. He ascended for us. He is our beloved and we are His. Just as Adam loved Even, so soes Jesus love us even more perfectly. So tell your husbands. Let him know we realize Adam was perfect after all. He was also human, Jesus was perfect after all, and He was human, He was also God. Rebecca Jones



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