Give God Permission To Bless You


Does God really need our permission to bless us? In prayer, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me my mother gave God permission to bless me. Of course, neither of us knew that at the time. I was still a child. And we had some hard times. Now, I realize it was God’s plan. Not the hard times or the struggles but the fact that we had God’s blessing and favor on us, we were under enemy attack. We had to learn the Word and how to fight spiritual battles.

I found no such verse to indicate this, however, it is customary in Judaism, for the Abba, Father to recite a blessing over their children, every Friday. It is at the beginning of the Sabbath, which is Friday night to Saturday night. It might be the Numbers Prayer, ” The Lord bless and keep you…” or someting else. It may be given by an uncle or grandfather.

So it is customary for Abbas to bless their children. I suppose, in effect, they are gving God permission to bless them. Many wonderful blessings have come from Jewish doctors, scientists other fields of endeavor. Did you know a Jewish man actually invented a car first? The Nazis almost wiped his name from history.

So ask the Lord to bless your children, but be aware of the enemies devices. Job worried about his children to excess which opened a door to the devil, but we have a better High Priest in Jesus and he has no right to accuse. Rebecca Jones


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